The Diva in me!

I’m happy to announce I have just made my first official PCT purchase today. My lack of equipment has started getting the better of me, and whilst I’m still debating purchasing most of my equipment in the US for half the price than in Oz, there’s a few items I would like to secure before I depart – shoes and a Diva Cup.

The delicate subject of menstruation whilst on the trail should not be overlooked, and if you’re a woman, it’s likely at the forefront of your personal hygiene planning.

Even though women from Yogi’s handbook might say they won’t get heavy periods or it might not visit at all, I know my body better. It’ll be there, rain, hail or walking over 4,000km – guaranteed.

So I’ve purchased a Diva Cup Model 1 – a silicone menstrual cup eliminating the need for pads and tampons along the trail. It’s advised to test these sorts of things before heading out on the trail, hence why I bit the bullet and finally purchased something I can’t refund this time!


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