Heavens open on my PCT bible

Today was the first real day of rain in Melbourne all year and boy did it bucket down. Unlucky for me I was just leaving work when dark clouds literally rolled in from nowhere and enveloped the city. After a few warning drops the heavens opened and my measly umbrella didn’t stand a chance. It was only by the time I was completely saturated that I remembered I had a cover for my backpack and quickly took cover under a bus shelter alongside two British lads drinking white wine out of plastic cups.

With the cover on my pack I re-entered the onslaught only to realise that Yogi’s Handbook was in my backpack. It was too wet to check on it then and there, so I waited until I got home to assess the damage.

I’m sorry to say the book is so wet the cover started crumbling away in my hands. I have it propped up on a tissue box in my room in the hope that 1. it will dry (preferably by tomorrow morning) and 2. all the pages won’t be stuck together!!!


The book is soaked from Echo Lake all the way down to the border of Mexico!


The cover crumbling away.

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