Second purchase in the bag

I went camping store crazy today spending around two hours talking to Ben from Backpacking Light on Somerset Place in Melbourne. I was super keen arriving just after the store opened at 9am. We chatted gear and hiking stories over breakfast and coffee before going through my long shopping list. I’m going to ponder for another week on most of the items I saw but decided I couldn’t leave empty handed and purchased the lightest trekking poles I’ve ever seen. At around $170 you’d expect them to be good, and compared to the $30 ones I took up Kilimanjaro these feel light as a feather! I’ve got another shopping date at the store next Saturday where I might buy my pack, wind jacket, sleeping mat and a few other items pictured below that I looked at today…

Aarn pack back

First time I’ve ever seen this kind of pack. It counter balances weight on the front and back of you with all the weight carried on your hips.

Aarn pack front

Front pockets of the pack. It feels pretty good but looks downright bizarre. I’m not sold on this just yet.


This air mattress was pretty damn comfortable, even though the PCT bible says you WILL get a puncture. It folds up incredibly thin like a piece of paper. Quite impressed!

NeoAir side

Incredibly thick NeoAir mattress made by Thermarest.

Thermo Pouch

This crazy little pouch holds your ziplock bags of dehydrated food or oats etc, add water, close the bag, and it stews inside ready to eat straight from the bag… no more dirty pots.

Trekking poles

These poles fold in a ‘Z’ shape and are honestly so light you barely feel like you’re holding anything.

Wind jacket

Montane wind-proof jacket. Super thin and lightweight, water resistant. Pricey but probably worth it.

2 thoughts on “Second purchase in the bag

  1. Hi darling, you could travel as a Michelin Man, where all the tubes have zippers and all your goodies would be stalled away every where around you and the balance would be perfect. All the gear on the photos look great , very hard to choose, take your time. Mutti xx

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