Pack your bags! Your trip is booked.


These very exciting words flashed up on screen after confirming purchase of my flight to Vancouver! The first leg of my journey is booked and I can’t help but feel sickly nervous and excited. I know it’s cliche but it really is starting to feel ‘real’! I’m actually still at work so I’m internalising my excitement but I’m itching to celebrate this milestone. I depart on April 1 at 8am from Melbourne and arrive in Vancouver at 7:30am the same day, with only one quick stop in Sydney. No complicated layover in the US… phew.

Speaking of the US I also have my visa interview booked on Tuesday having completed the online form and paying the $160 fee. I’m debating what evidence I should take to the interview to prove my trip. Perhaps Yogi’s handbook and a few printed pages from this blog will hopefully surfice. After the interview I’ll look at flights to San Diego. I’m debating driving down to Bellingham, WA to post my re-supply boxes and then fly to San Diego from there. Still much to plan and do!

One thought on “Pack your bags! Your trip is booked.

  1. Hi darling Zanne, it is normal to feel with all that excitement also the butterflies in your stomach. I know that feeling, it is when you are going to unfamiliar places where you don’t know any body. Those butterflies fly away as soon as you take your seat in the plane and your adventure begins. I am sure that the Americans will give you a visa, they love to have you roaming around in their beautiful country and show it of to you. It will be lovely for you to set foot in Vancouver again. Success with all your preparattion.

    Love Mutti xx

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