Visa & Tent, Check!

It’s been a long productive day for PCT prep today starting with my US visa interview at the consulate this morning. I quickly learned that even though you book a specific interview time (8:30am) it all operates on a first come first serve basis. I felt like I was walking into a maximum security prison with only four people at a time let into the holding room where they verify your identity, barcode you, then send you to the next identity check where they scan your barcode, check your passport for the second time then release you into the larger holding area where you wait for your number to be called.

US Department of State

Because they only allow you to take in your application papers and wallets, no one had the pleasure of their iPhone to distract them. This resulted in everyone fixating on the television screen playing a video called ‘America Is’. In the time I was there I was able to view the segments ‘America is Education, America is National Parks (my favourite), America is Diversity (or something similar), and America is Culture.

After 1.5 hours, two quick interviews, and a set of fingerprints the man told me “your visa is approved”. It was only then my heart stopped racing at a million miles an hour. I could tell I wasn’t the only one who was nervous.

On the way home on the train I missed my station and decided to make a long detour to pick up my tent from the post office. The detour was slightly longer than expected and 6.2km later walking in the hot sun in black leggings and a heavy shoulder bag I made it home. Naturally as soon as I opened the tent it had to be assembled.


With the help of my nephew Cooper we managed to set up the tent in about 10 minutes. The instructions say it will take less than a minute with practise! It’s extremely lightweight which means it’s also very fragile. With the small breeze in the backyard I felt like it was going to lift off the ground with both Cooper and I sitting in it. I think there may be a few extra set up steps I may have missed the first time around so I’m going to watch the online video for instruction. At this point the best part of the tent is that it fits back in it’s bag with ease – yes I am very easily pleased!


My Moment Tarp Tent with optional crossing pole.


Interpreting the ‘basic’ setup instructions.


Step 1


Step 2


Step 2, continued…


Cooper drumming with the stakes.


Still unsure.


First stake.


Almost there.


Finally found the door.


Cooper inspects the interior.


Just big enough for one three year old!

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