A good end to the week

A few things came together for me on Friday. Firstly I picked up my visa from the post office, delighted at the fact it’s valid for 10 years with multiple entries. Whether or not this is the norm I’m yet to look into. It doesn’t mean I can stay in the US for 10 years, the length of each stay is determined by the customs officer on arrival, usually a maximum of 6 months at a time. Perfect for PCT hiking!

I also received a phone call from Ben at the backpacking store telling me he’s happy to give me a full refund on the backpack I returned last week (despite the painful conversation I had with his boss Tim a few days earlier). Big win!

I also picked up my seam sealed tent from Franco who threw in an off cut of material I can use as a ground sheet under the tent. Perfect!

And lastly I took the plunge and finally purchased my backpack. The first pack I intended to buy for the hike…. the ULA Catalyst. The only downside to this purchase was the shipping cost, although I bought a down sleeping bag for $130 with the bag saving myself the shipping cost about 3 times over. I can hear Tim’s argument about the Australian economy and his ultimate disgust in me purchasing online from the US. I’m sorry Tim, if you sold the Catalyst I would have bought it from you!

ULA Catalyst

ULA Catalyst

One thought on “A good end to the week

  1. Hi darling, those two guys Ben and Franco are looking after you. So pleased about your backpack, and now you could buy the best one you wanted. To get a visa for 10 years is fantastic, the Dutch passport is coming in handy. Have you received your pack, it looks a really good one on the photo, hope that it is the right on. Success with getting all your attributes together darling.

    Love Mutti xx

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