The ‘real’ planning begins

I sat down about 2 hours ago to begin planning my resupply locations along the PCT. I think I’d built this day up in my head to be something I would tackle when I’ve read everything there is to know about the trail, trail towns, water sources, other hiker’s strategies, the data book, Yogi’s Trail Tips and Town Guide, studied maps, etc etc. I then realised if I didn’t tackle it now I could possibly run out of time.

I’ve been sitting here staring at Craig’s PCT planning software, reading notes in both of Yogi’s handbooks and skimming the data book, and I’m still debating my first two resupply locations. I realised I don’t really know where to start. What does it feel like to carry 7 days of food, what does 7 days of food look like, how much food will I eat over 7 days, how far can I walk in 7 days, will I even survive 7 days???


PCT planning headquarters.

I think I need to admit this is going to be a bit of a guessing game. I know if I plan to reach my second resupply stop at Paradise Valley Cafe I’ll undoubtably arrive on a day the cafe is closed (usually Mon + Tues), or I could even get there before my package does, or it could be lost in the post altogether. I’m sure there’s even more variables I’m yet to understand, but the key is to be flexible (which is not necessarily a strength of mine).

On a more productive note I sent off my final permit application to enter Canada via the PCT. I’m still confused at how the US will know that I’ve left the country if there is no one at the border to verify me crossing into Canada. I guess I’ll find out when I try to get back into the US if not before!

Alright, enough blog procrastinating, back to resupply drawing board.

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