Shoe satisfaction

How many times am I going to write about my shoes you ask? Well it has to be said that I’ve finally reached a level of satisfaction in my shoe choice well above any other piece of gear or preparation so far. Thanks to the Outdoor Gear Store on St Kilda Rd in Melbourne (they really deserve this free plug), I’ve now got two pairs of shoes that I feel very confident in taking on the trail, for the small price of $120.


I’ll be taking the two bottom pairs on the PCT starting with the green pair.

The pair pictured at the top above was the initial pair my parents picked up for me, and although it’s a great shoe, I needed a full size larger bumping me up from my original UK size 5, Euro 38 to UK 7.5, Euro 41. It seems extreme but I think my feet must have simply grown and will further expand with the heat and excessive use.

Both shoes are Saloman XR Crossmax but the green pair is the ‘Neutral‘ style (flatter) and the blue pair is the ‘Guidance‘ style (slightly bigger arch providing more support). The first green pair I bought started to fray a little so they gave me a brand new pair when I went in for the second time to purchase the blue shoes which only cost me $50. I was blown away. It’s the only piece of gear I’ve managed to save any money on! Now the only question lingering is will two pairs be enough?

2 thoughts on “Shoe satisfaction

  1. Hi darling, how lucky were you with getting those shoes, those people have looked after you very well. They are great shoes and I love the colors.Yes how many shoes to have, a pity that there are no shoe shops on the trail and bare feet is not an option. Maybe have a look at the souls of your shoes you are wearing now and see how much they have worn, it may be an indication. Success with preparing. Love Mutti xx

  2. Just following Mutti’s comments on the Salomans. How wonderful you now have shoes with souls. I guess that means you don’t have to worry or be sad when they are worn out and die. Good shoes with souls that have served you well will surely go to heaven. LoL.

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