One month to go!

With exactly one month to go until I step foot on the PCT and only two weeks until I depart Australia, things are starting to fall into place. Today I received two essential items for the trip, my permit to hike and camp along the PCT and, my thought to be missing Caldera Cone stove.

PCT permit

PCT Long Distance Permit

The fourth in a line of permissions and permits (Entry into Canada via the PCT, California Campfire Permit & US tourist visa) the PCT Long Distance Permit allows me overnight access anywhere along the trail and permission to travel on alternative trailheads to reach resupply towns.

The permit came with a letter from the Pacific Crest Trail Association, outlining some of the fire regulations and their backcountry best practise, whilst congratulating me on my decision to hike the trail. The letter was inspiring, ending with a line I thought really summed it up: “the Pacific Crest Trail exists because people like you have translated their passion into action.”

Caldera Cone stove

Trail Designs Caldera Cone stove set.

The stove has arrived just in time to start practising some basic cooking in conjunction with developing some kind of meal plan. It’s extremely light weight, due to the fact the pot is small enough to fit in a dolls house and the rest of the pieces fit inside a plastic caddy which doubles as a cup and bowl. I had read on many blogs that you can make  your own similar stove at home using an aluminium baking pan as a windshield and a soda can to burn fuel in. I didn’t expect Trail Designs would ACTUALLY make the burner system out of soda can!


My weeny non stick cooking pot (pictured right).

Caldera Cone stove 2

Trail Design’s alcohol stove made from a Diet Ginger Ale can.


3 thoughts on “One month to go!

  1. Hi darling, the time flew past, hard to believe that you are on that trail in 1 month time. Lucky that you have those permits other wise they could pick you up and drop you on the other side of the border. How much can you cook in that pan, one mouth full? I must say that the stove looks very impressive, light and small and that’s all you want. So pleased you got it. Success with your last practising. Love Mutti xx

  2. Hi Rozi,
    Nice to see that other people have allready put a lot of thought into the cooking, clothing and lightweight travelling stuff. That way you don’t have to invent the wheel yourself so to speak. Are u going to do some hiking still before you leave? I’m trying to picture you with very long hair, bathing in a creek, catching a salmon with your bare hands. Wouldn’t that be something :-). We wish you the bes of luck from within our comfort zone with running water, heating an electricity (boring).
    Lot’s of love, Peter, Minouk and Amber X

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