A week till takeoff

It’s been quiet on the blog front this week as my To Do list slowly depletes and I become more and more anxious to get out there and put this planning into action. I’ve been churning through the mundane doctor, dentist checkups and focussing on strengthening and resting my back. This weekend was the first since January that I didn’t get out and hike, partly to rest my back and to focus on the important people I’ll be leaving behind.

One more week to go. My list of things to do while I’m still in Australia is minimal, but the items left have been sitting there for weeks:


– advise bank I’m travelling OS

– suspend health insurance

– look up best mobile phone network in the US

– put music on iPhone

– print docs including travel insurance, flight itineraries etc

– review and action hiking notes from Sydney

– figure out what the current snow levels are and what they mean for the trip

– get fat

I’m currently enjoying the last point on the list while reminding myself to eat GOOD fats, so I’m not sure the burgers, chips and ice creams I’m consuming apply.


All part of the training regime.

I am getting nervous, but more so impatient. I need to get out there now, unemployment and too much time to focus on the trip is driving me a little stir crazy. The pressure will be on in Vancouver to get my food purchased, dehydrated, sorted, packaged and boxed along with my maps and trail notes in the 10 days I’m there. This truly is the quiet before the storm.

5 thoughts on “A week till takeoff

  1. Best of luck on your trip! I’m a trail angel in Oregon who day hikes sections of the PCT with apples in my backpack … and most importantly for you fresh drip COFFEE that I prepare at my campsite or trail crossings each morning. I will be on the trail at least six times in Oregon this season and will keep an eye out for you.

    • Fresh coffee?! It’s amazing to experience the generosity of a trail angel before I even hit the trail. Oregon seems so far away but now I have additional motivation to get through California. Hope to see you out there!

  2. Hi darling, great photo of that hamburger, how do you get your mouth around that. Yes still a few things to do but I can understand that you are ready now to set off and let the adventure begin. So pleased that the osteopath sorted you out with your backpack, it is so heavy. If you were a body-builder the weight would have felt like a feather. How wonderful of this Trail Angel Chris to have fresh drip coffee on the trail, good work Angel. Have a few more great days in OZ and then your challenge begins. Success darling, love you heaps, Mutti xx

  3. How can you leave behind a burger like that in exchange for dehydrated thingie-ma-jiggies?

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