I’ve been told I’m obsessive compulsive when it comes to packing, which is why on a Friday afternoon I’m zipping up my suitcase for a Monday morning flight. My OCD did not alert me to the fact I can only check in one 23kg bag on the flight until just recently, which of course threw my idea of what I was taking into slight disarray.


The contents of my pack so far… still missing a significant amount!

I’ve decided to put my pack and all of the contents pictured above in a suitcase to keep it protected and to hopefully squeeze more items inside. I’ll then take a smaller bag as carry on with all of my non-hiking clothes – the ones I won’t set fire to at the end of the trip.


Suitcase with pack and hiking gear…


Suitcase with everything else shoved on top!








I expect to be in pretty good shape by the end of today and will start going over my TO DO list again tomorrow. Being Easter weekend most people are off for a few days so I’ll have some time to get into the groove of being on my own for five months. Am strongly considering putting my e-reader back on the list of things to take!


At least the cat’s around to help me pack!

3 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Hi darling, I see that the red suitcase is in good use again. Could you pay a little more when you take more luggage? After you have finished the Trail, you are probably a few sizes down in clothing and need to buy new clothes any way, so only take your travel stuff. It still looks a lot spread out on the bed. Make sure that Puddles, the cat, doesn’t jump into the suitcase. Two days to go and you must start to feel anxious to go. I’ll miss you heaps, but what a wonderful time you will have, such an experience such a challenge. Stay save and healthy, success my darling. Love Mutti xxoo

    • Interesting! I have a Kobo which I’ve never actually used before. I’m a little worried about battery life on my phone which is why I think the Kobo might work well. We’ll see how full my pack is when I finally get all my gear. Thanks for the advice! 🙂

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