I got to the airport 2.5 hours before my flight this morning only to discover I don’t clear customs until I reach Sydney. I think the lady at the check in thought I was a bit simple as she kindly explained that I’ll need to get the shuttle to the international terminal in Sydney then check in again with Air Canada. I think I looked puzzled.

Both my check in luggage and carry on are over the weight limit but she ignored the additional kgs on weigh in and hopefully I’ll sneak through with the carry on.


As you can tell I’m killing time taking photos of my breakfast and my view of the aeroplanes.


I always get a weird feeling at airports. It’s like you step out of reality for some time and sit in this kind of limbo land until you reach your next destination. It’s a kind of no man’s land where you know nothing significant is going to happen until you get off the plane. Or is that just me?


I’m in my own airport bubble eating raisin toast. The earlier I get to the airport, the more likely I am to be rushing last minute to get to the flight. Still 1.5 hours to kill. Surely I can fit in another coffee and a quick nap perhaps?

3 thoughts on “Takeoff!

  1. Hi darling, not much fun to be that early and knowing that you have to check in again and go through security. Sydney is where you fly out of Australia, that’s why. Not good to have to carry your heavy suitcase around, hopefully you can go straight through with your carry on.Any way you can relax soon all the way to Vancouver and that is nice too. Hope there are some good movies, have a sleep and rest. Save trip and a good arrival. Love you heaps, cuddles and hugs, Mutti xxoo

  2. Dear Rozi, been thinking of you the last couple of days. We wish you the best of luck in your trip. Leaving Oz again for huge adventure. Try to remember that raisin toast when you’re on the track. I used to love it dearly when we were in Australia. Have a good flight.
    Lots of love Peter and Minouk

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