Food day two

With all the food testing and tasting I’m doing at the moment I’ll have no trouble stacking on the kgs before the hike! The question is, can I still move? Tomorrow I’m walking 5.5km downtown to see if my old Russian back specialist can perform a miracle and stop the pain.


Pretty damn excited about large quantities of chocolate!

The highlight of my day was our trip to Cosco where I spent $289.91 on all sorts of goodies including mass quantities of chocolate, protein, muesli and nuts bars, trail mixes, oats and quinoa. We got lucky at the checkout as Sarah’s membership had just expired but the kind manager must have seen the desperation in our eyes and thought we were hungry!


My pile at the checkout.

We also swung past Save-on-foods, London drugs for toiletries and Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) for a few final pieces of gear (whistle, bear bell, SPOT device, rope, underwear, spoon, spork, bug head net, compass etc).


Updated pantry shot.

Sarah’s dad was also over at her place this morning. He shared photos and stories of his time with Sarah on the trail. They almost made it halfway together before he headed home and Sarah carried on solo. Both of their excitement when they reminisced about their experience made me all the more excited about getting out there.


Sarah peeling off dehydrated pasta sauce made in about 12 hours.

Sarah set me the task of preparing my nine food boxes up to Kennedy Meadows. I was able to sort out drink powders, tea, coffee, bars, trail mix, peanut butter and hummus. Tomorrow I’ll start on breakfast and dinners for each day. Laying it all out in piles made me realise just how much I’ll need to carry.


The first 9 of 26 boxes to prepare, still without breakfast or dinner.

I tried another meal tonight, mash potato with stuffing, dried onion flakes, bacon bits and gravy. Not bad at all. It went down well with a cup of iced tea and some banana chips and peanut butter for dessert. I hope I don’t get sick of trail food before I start!


Delicious mash with my new spork.

4 thoughts on “Food day two

  1. Hi darling, such a preparation. I am pleased that you have some of the final pieces like the whistle and the bear bell, you may need that. It would have been interesting to listen to Sarah and her dad’s stories. Your cooking is already improving with tasty bits I see. Love all the chocolate, now to keep your hands of it before you send it off, not easy so tempting. Enjoy your time there, love Mutti xx

  2. With such a focus on food, hope you still have room for clothes. Maybe you can also get a Bare Bell (to warn other hikers). Hope it is not really flu – shouldn’t be given your flu shot. Get well and power up again soon. What a fortunate situation there in Vancouver. Love U.

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