Back on the burner

I finally got back on my feet yesterday and walked close to 14km downtown to see Igor, my back guru. I was hoping for a miracle and he came pretty close. After some serious massage and cracking my back is feeling a LOT better. He found a few other sore spots in my groin, knees and ankles which he paid some attention to. I honestly want to marry this bald Russian man’s magic hands!

After dropping off a Tim Tam delivery for my mate Jessie I was back at Sarah’s testing out the tuna casserole. I was feeling utterly under the weather yesterday, and after setting off the smoke alarms by burning about a centimetre to the bottom of my pot I couldn’t even muster a photo! Above is a picture of the casserole contents: minute rice, freeze dried peas, powdered cream of mushroom soup, salt, then add tuna (which I need to buy in the US).

Then today it was back to using my stove in the backyard to make pasta with dehydrated tomato sauce. I added powdered parmesan cheese, soy protein, onion flakes, freeze dried peas and salt. I used 2 TBS of Methyl Hydrate for fuel and 400ml of water in my pot.

I was multitasking by cooking and icing my knee at the same time. I need to put a cold compress on my knee for 5 mins, then hot for 5, then repeat that again twice. It seems to have helped.

The result of the meal was more like a soup but non the less delicious! I may decide to try a creamy pasta sauce for the next one!

One thought on “Back on the burner

  1. Hi darling, can’t you take this bald Russian back guru with you on the trail, there would be plenty of work for him. I hope that your body holds up with carrying the heavy backpack. I am impressed with your cooking skills, you even are thinking about the next menu, fabulous. The stove looks good with the miniature pan. Great that you can practice this all before you are going. Have fun, love you, Mutti xx

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