When dehydrating goes wrong

I’m not exactly sure how Sarah made it look so easy, but my attempts at dehydrating pasta sauce haven’t been as successful! Instead of coming off the trays in one clean sheet, mine are cracking and breaking into small dehydrated pasta flakes. Most of the sauce is simple stuck to the tray and won’t budge.

I have four days of food prep left and I’m starting to feel the pressure. The sauce I’m making now was supposed to be sent to Echo Lake with a heap of other left over food that I’ll repackaged in South Lake Tahoe for the Oregon leg. Then in Ashland I plan to prep my food for Washington.

I still have a lot of work to do on dinners. Anyone who knows me understands how pathetic my attempts at cooking dinner are, rather I simply don’t attempt it at all. The thought of circulating through five different dinner meals for months on end makes my stomach turn already. Hopefully mixing it up with Knorr’s Sidekicks and other prepackaged goods will help keep up the variety!


One thought on “When dehydrating goes wrong

  1. Curious to try one of the meal menus when we get together again – but I expect it would be the last thing you’d want to prepare!

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