Back in action!

I just had the most incredible massage session of all time with Igor. I travelled 1.5 hours from Vancouver to Coquitlam by bus, but it certainly did not disappoint. My ankles, knees, back and neck muscles feel like new, I literally bounced out of the clinic.

Last night I prepped meals like a woman possessed. My target was 85 dinners and when I was done around midnight I counted 101! The more I do now, the less I need to do on the trail. Sarah and I are going to take a look at each resupply today and move things around. She thinks I’ll have too much to begin with but eventually it’ll be about right.

I had powdered egg with bacon bits and dried pinto beans at 6:30am this morning. For powdered eggs they were pretty good but I wouldn’t rave about them. Plus they really stick to the pan, so I think I’ll stick (no pun intended) with what I’ve got.

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