Food zombie

I’ve spent the entire day in the kitchen prepping meals apart from the hour break where Sarah and I went to IKEA and Famous Foods for my final supplies. It’s like a hiker food sweat shop in here, churning through meal after meal in the aim to reach at least 85 dinners to get me through to Echo Lake.

At the moment I’m listening to Fleetwood Mac while preparing Vegetable Cous Cous. I tried the meal this evening and apart from the quantity being too small the rest tasted great. Even Sarah’s daughter Maia sampled it and gave a giggle of approval!

On my last count I’d completed 44 dinners, at least I’m halfway! Tomorrow I’m escaping the kitchen for a few hours to see magic hands Igor for my back and then coffee with a friend downtown. Then it’ll be back to the sweat shop for final prep and boxing. Hopefully the boxes I found in a recycling bin will be a good size for resupply!


One thought on “Food zombie

  1. Hi darling, so much food to prepare, it is so involved. You are doing very well. It seems that you putting some more taste to it too fantastic. Love reading your blog. Success with your preparation. Love Mutti xx

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