Crossing the border

I’m sitting at Bellingham airport after a monumental morning of activity facilitated by my trail angel Sarah. The border crossing was always going to be interesting, and it didn’t disappoint. I thought it might confuse the guy when a girl with an Aussie accent with a Dutch passport coming from Canada arrives in the US to do a 5 month hike. My permit to re-enter Canada via the PCT came in handy and as long as I’m out of the States by October 10 I’m all set!

Our first stop was Fred Myers for tuna envelopes (instead of cans which they don’t sell in Canada), then onto the post office. We walked in with 14 boxes and took over the available floor space to label and tape them closed. In the process a man looked at the labels and picked me as a PCT hiker right away. He introduced himself as Acorn 2011 and Sarah replied “I’m Ladybird 2004”. I’m definitely entering a different world. Acorn bestowed on me two important pieces of advice: 1. Don’t take advice from anyone who hasn’t walked the trail, and 2. Don’t quit on a bad day.

I was able to send half of my boxes by truck (they basically fit them in when they can and suggest a 3 week delivery time). The rest had to go by regular priority mail. The final bill was $281.38, seemed pretty reasonable for the weight I’m posting.

Before we left the post office we met another PCT hiker, not a “thru-hiker” but a hiker non the less. He also spotted the boxes right away and started up conversation. I left there buzzing and ready to hit the airport and begin the next leg of the journey.

I just went through security after chatting with a lovely woman named Jeanie from Idaho. In about 10 minutes I had her home and cell phone number, and contacts for her grandson and granddaughter. I gave her my blog so hopefully they’ll be following along. And if I’m ever in Idaho I’ve got myself a place to stay, thanks Jeanie!

One week to go. I’m half of the mind to start the trail on Monday instead of Thursday. I don’t want to lose momentum and feel like I’m more than ready to get out there! Let’s see what presents itself in San Diego!

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