Nothing but a backpack

Today I said goodbye to civilian clothing and discovered the comfort of my hiking gear for the first of 150 days. BJ picked up my suitcases which I’ll see when I make it back to Vancouver. Now all that is left is my backpack and 14 neatly packed food boxes.

Yesterday was packed full of Skype calls, last minute gear purchases and my final appointment with Igor. He once again expressed concern regarding my solo travel and asked quite seriously if I was planning on taking a gun. I laughed while he shook his head and muttered “your poor parents”.

Last night in a ceremonial kitchen christening I was given my trail name by Sarah. As a past PCT thru-hiker she took the honour of choosing a name that will represent me on the trail. This name is to be Mukmuk.


As Sarah’s note tells the story, Mukmuk was a sidekick to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic mascots. The Olympics brought me to Vancouver and introduced me to Sarah. This was the beginning. On our travels throughout British Columbia, planning out the route for the torch relay, Sarah would tell me stories of her experience on the PCT. I honestly wasn’t even able to comprehend it back then, and I honestly thought she was crazy. But as crazy as it sounded, she had planted the seed.

Tomorrow morning we set off early for Bellingham, WA with my life on my back and food ready for posting. It’s not everyday people cross the border with the food they plan to eat for the next few months packaged into boxes so hopefully we won’t come across any trouble. Once we’re done at the post office it’s off to the airport and on to San Diego, CA! We’re almost there!


One thought on “Nothing but a backpack

  1. Hi darling Mukmuk, what a lovely send of with Sarah, such a great girl. At this time you may be in San Diego. Can’t believe that the time has gone so fast. I would have thought that Igor was more worried about your back then having a gun. I hope that the post is doing their job so all the boxes will arrive at the right address . Enjoy your time with Donna and Don. Love you darling, Mutti xx

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