We’re on our way

It’s 6:30am and we’re on the 805 heading south down to Campo. It’s hard to believe this day has finally arrived! In fact I’m in such a daze I’m not even sure what to write. It’s pouring on the outskirts of San Diego and Don and Donna say they haven’t seen this much rain in a long time. I’m curious to see what it’s like at the trail head. Cool weather could be a good start but my rain pants are meeting me in Kennedy Meadows!

At weigh in this morning I weighed 132 pounds (60kg) and my bag weighed 45 pounds (20kg). I realised at 10pm last night it was the first time I’ve actually had all my gear and food to put into my pack. Images of Cheryl Strayed started running through my head; no I’m not that bad!

Phil one of my teammates from the Wilderness First Aid course gave me some white sage as a parting gift yesterday. He told me to burn a small part of the leaf if I’m in a situation where I need guidance or to cleanse the space I’m in. All of my classmates offered their support and I feel like I have a host of new friends behind me wishing me well along the trail. I’ve even got my cheat card from the course tucked away in my first aid kit so I can make them proud!

The second day of the course was as full of information as the first. During the lunch break I had to search far and wide for a jet lighter. I tried Home Depot, BBQ Galore and Walmart before having to drive all the way to a little cigar shop in Del Mar. I wasn’t going to leave without one! Thanks to our teacher Paul I was also able to complete my first aid supplies. I think I’ll have the largest kit of any PCT hiker out there.

We are driving in complete fog at the moment. I may even get to test out my compass today if I can’t see where I’m going. If I get signal at the trailhead I’ll include a picture, otherwise I’ll be checking in again somewhere along the trail!



10 thoughts on “We’re on our way

  1. Best of luck for day 1 my dear roomie. So blessed to have such an inspirational woman in my life. Go girl!! Will be following you.
    Lots of love Marzari. Xx
    P.s do you think the burning of the safe would work here in London 😉

  2. Hi darling, how fabulous to see you standing in front of the Pacific Crest Trail sign. It must be a great feeling. I hope that the rain kept away. You would have the first night in your tent and a dinner to cook, in my mind I see you roaming around. The white sage Phil gave you may come in handy some days. I wander if you reached Lake Morena. Enjoy darling, love Mutti xx

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