Sunny Day 2

I woke up a little seedy this morning after making two new trail buddies at camp last night. One of which carried a bladder full of Wild Turkey, the rest speaks for itself. I started the trail on my own after a big group of 19 set off about 30 minutes prior. I ended up walking off in the wrong direction, almost earning me the name ‘other way’, but quickly turned back to find the actual trail head.

A boy named ‘Ketchup’ soon past me and then I picked up another hiker called ‘Legend’ for a little stretch. The rest of the day was just me and the beauty of the trail. I was walking through cloud for most of the day but the temperature was perfect, Sarah’s dad almost had heat stroke on their Day 1 back in 2004 so it’s a very different year.

I had gone about 10 miles by about 2pm and decided early on I wouldn’t make it to Lake Morena. I still had plenty of water and decided to stop 15 miles in at Hauser Creek. This is where I met Alan (Pac Man) and Luis (Roll Up) and where the fun began.

Alan was my trail angel this morning and brought me a much needed coffee in bed. We were up by 6am, I definitely could have slept for a few more hours. But we powered up the hill by 8am in the direction of Lake Morena. By the time we reached there I’d sweated out the Wild Turkey and was feeling a little more human.

We filled up water, repacked our bags and used a civilised toilet before heading on another 10 miles to our current location near Kitchen Creek. Pac Man and Roll Up only met up at the start of the trail so as three solo hikers we’ve formed a little group which made Day 2 a lot of fun.

My feet and back are in pretty good shape. My shoulder hurts a little but considering the miles we’ve gone I’m pretty happy. Nights here are COLD and my fingers are starting to turn numb. Until tomorrow…


5 thoughts on “Sunny Day 2

  1. Hi darling, just watch that Wild Turkey. So nice to have met some comrades. Hard work and some fun should go together. Enjoy, love Mutti xx

  2. Hi Rosanne! I have just discovered your blog through Pen, and spent the morning engrossed in your preparation for the hike. I’m hooked! So looking forward to hearing all about it along the way! Good luck, enjoy and stay safe! Alex R xxx

    • Hey girl so glad to hear from you! You know first hand what hiking for days on end is like. Hope you’re great. Lots of love xxx

  3. Absolutely loving your blog, and following your journey in awe. However questioning the choice of a green rain jacket after 70 days of one, hehe 😉 So glad the first 2 days have gone well, keep it up, you are an absolute star! x

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