A long Day 3

By the end of today my feet had definitely had enough. Mount Laguna seemed a world away and when we hadn’t reached it by 6pm tonight we started getting concerned. Luckily after Pack Man and I walked in the wrong direction for half a mile Roll Up and trail angel Dave pulled up in a pick up truck to get us!

In the morning I felt a stinging pain in my shoe and it wasn’t until 30 minutes later that I took off my shoes and discovered my big toe was numb. When I looked inside the shoe I discovered a small black spider that must have bit me. Roll Up said if my foot was ok tomorrow all should be well. It’s feeling pretty good now so let’s hope it stays that way.

It was cold last night and I felt like I was awake at least half the night. I slept we’ll on my stomach but constantly woke up with numb arms so need to figure out a more comfortable position. We were up by 6:30am but it took us until 9:30am to ‘break camp’. I guess we can only become more efficient.

At lunch today I fuelled up on salami and cheese wraps but in my mission to rid myself of food I over consumed salami and found myself in a coma for a few hours until my stomach started crying out. The rest of the afternoon was hot and I just didn’t feel great in the gut. Also need to establish a balance of refuel Vs overload.

After being picked up tonight and taken to the Mount Laguna store by Dave tonight life became good again. We bought some beer and corn chips and found ourselves a cabin! My first real shower was so welcomed as was the laundry bucket where we cleansed a few socks and underwear.

I have a box waiting at the Post Office which doesn’t open until noon tomorrow. We’ve decided to take a Nero (near zero) day tomorrow to wait for the Post Office and to check out the gear store as I’ve already lost my headlamp and need warmer clothes. I’ll also want to visit the general store again as we were pretty overwhelmed with all the items we could have purchased tonight.


5 thoughts on “A long Day 3

  1. Keep it up! You can do it!! When hiking in Nepal I found smaller light lunches and a huge dinner the best for me. I quickly learnt after climbing 3000 steps after a lunch of a plate of potatoes and noodles. Was not a happy champ! Digging salami for lunch now tho 😉 x

  2. Hi darling, good that the spider wasn’t a red back or funnel web. Yes make sure that you are warm enough, that’s why you can’t sleep that well. You may sleep with gloves, socks and beanie on. Enjoy and have fun, keep warm. Love you, Mutti xx

  3. Hi darling, I looked at your Spot and could see where you are, great. I have also the PCT map hanging on the wall and move the little dot I put on it . It is fabulous how we can follow you, a lot of work on your side to write and make photos. Great work darling, love Mutti xx

  4. Rozi, I don’t remember anything about spiders in shoes at wilderness medicine. Must be a different course. Sorry to hear about the bite. You are doing great. I m getting inspired for my mt Whitney climb in August. Dave

    • Great to hear from you! I cleaned all my cuts today with drinkable water and then put antiseptic cream before bandaids! So glad you’re following along, would be great to bump into you out here!

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