A short Day 4

I’m writing this by the first camp fire we’ve been able to light on the trip. We did a 10 mile day in 5 hours which wasn’t too bad and made it to Pioneer Mail Picnic Area at mile 52.7 by 6pm.

I drained my one big blister this morning and it felt a lot better having done so. Then it was off to the Mount Laguna Sports and Supply store where I purchase a light rain/wind jacket, a new headlamp and a warmer pair of gloves. Then at noon when the post office opened I picked up my first resupply box. The plan is playing out well so far.

My mind has been going a million miles an hour on the trail with not enough time to really even finish each thought. I did think a lot about fear and the need to identify fear to overcome it. I don’t feel scared out here at all but my thoughts seem to be travelling on an emotional roller coaster, way up and then way down, and everything in between.

We’re still travelling well as the three amigos. Pac Man leading, Roll Up at the back and me in the middle. We’ve got some big waterless stretches coming up so we’ve started paying closer attention to trail notes. The dessert will certainly be a test.





6 thoughts on “A short Day 4

  1. Your posts are the highlight of my day. Seriously. I’m getting the notifications and loving every minute of them. Stay safe out there. Glad that you have two amigos. x

  2. Dear Rozi, or should I say Mukmuk,
    Are your two amigo’s calling you by your given trail name? I’m amazed that you’ve written so much allready on your blog. And also by the basic problems you’ve had to overcome in the first few days. It’s really bizar that you’re thrown back on basic things like when to eat which food and how to treat your body. Things you didn’t pay much attention to in real, or should I say unreal, life. I can only imagine all the things you will come across and learn about on the rest of the trail. I’m glad you’ve been feeling safe up till now. Hope you’re able to hold on to that feeling.
    Whishing you all the best from Holland. Minouk, Peter and Amber

  3. Hi darling Mukmuk, so sorry to hear about your blister. Maybe put two pairs of socks on because your shoes are quiet big and it isn’t that hot yet that your feet expand a lot. Maybe your feet are moving around in your shoes too much. I am pleased that your two amigos are still with you. Great to see a familiar parcel with food there. Don’t get too anxious about the fear feeling, when it is there you will know it and then the trick is how to stay calm. You are part of nature there in the wilderness and enjoy every minute of it. Stay calm but alert.
    Love Mutti xx

  4. Draining blisters! That sounds like my kinda activity! You’re inspiring me every day lady lumps. Keep it up! Love you.


    Your babino rug

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