Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Tonight I am camping on a beautiful ridge top in the San Felipe Hills located in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. I’m sitting in shorts as the sun goes down having just polished off dinner, so I think it’ll be another hot night!

Roll Up got a head start today so Pac Man and I carried on for the first 10 miles to the water cache alone. We passed a few south bound hikers heading to the Kick Off and we were over taken by a couple of lightweight hikers. One of them had passed a woman I saw on Day 1 (Snap Dragging) who had just made it to Lake Morena. He said he was so inspired that she was still kicking on after a four day stint to the first campsite. I hope she carries on until the end.


I had gone through 2 litres of water by the time we reached the cache and refilled all 5 litres after taking a bit of time in the shade. The next water cache is at mile 91 so we planned to hike five miles to 82 where we are now, then get up early and do 10 miles with the last 2 litres of water I have left. We’ve finally reached the desert and it’s over 30 degrees during the day.

We called Roll Up at the water cache and he told us his feet were in such bad shape he was going to rest up in Julian, meet his family and then rejoin the trail in Big Bear City. I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

I felt good in the heat today but my feet and shoulder were done after 15 miles. I hope to reach my next resupply at Warner Springs by Monday. Off to bed soon, until tomorrow.






3 thoughts on “Feeling hot, hot, hot!

  1. Hi darling, the nature looks just amazing, so rugged but so beautiful at the same time. Sorry for Roll Up, you may see him again later on. You are doing well, so many miles in a day is fabulous in such country. Don’t get too much sun, you have a great hat for that. Your planning for the days seem to be excellent. Keep cool and enjoy, love Mutti xx

  2. He Aunti Ro, look forward to your update everyday, can’t belive you’ve been able to blog everyday. Surely you have to run out of reception at some point? Seems like you are settling in to a rhythm now…. first few days seemed like a bit of a shock to the system…. now you have a ‘par’ day you will know when you are getting better.

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