One week down

It’s so bright I’m able to write this by moonlight sitting on my small out cut of Tyvek in the middle of the desert. I just snapped my spork clean in half and am glad Yogi suggested to bring two of this item.

It was a long day on the trail from 7:30am this morning to arriving at camp some time after 6pm. I was glad to get a start on the heat as it reached 43 degrees today and there was very little shade.

A few miles short of the water cache my feet hurt so badly I couldn’t continue walking. I sat down, stripped of my shoes and socks and did my best to relieve the pain. Pac Man stuck a sterile pin into two of my blisters which hurt like hell, but it was exactly what they needed.

At the water cache we bumped into our hiker friend Chris who we ran into yesterday. He was glad to see us saying we were the most entertaining people he’d come across on the trail so far. We gave him some extra food as he only had tuna left for another two days, then chilled out for a while in the shade together drinking powdered Gatorade.

Trail angels had stocked this cache up so well with clean bottled water. These volunteers are unbelievable, how they got that much water into a remote part of the trail is remarkable.



After we stocked up on water we just found a shady tree and rested for 3 hours. I had to drain 4 more blisters and was terrified at how my feet looked under the bandages. After 3 hours of air and sun they looked and felt much better which improved my mood immensely. It also allowed me to walk another 3 miles to the campsite I’m at now.

We’re at mile 94, almost at 100! The next water source is about 7 miles from here and Warner Springs my next resupply town is about 15. The only resort is apparently closed so I’m not sure what kind of shower/laundry arrangement there will be. At least my next food supply will be waiting at the Post Office for pick up.


2 thoughts on “One week down

  1. Hi darling, you are lucky to have doctor Pac Man there with you. You are a determent little monkey to walk on those blisters, they look like little cushions on your feet. Horay I can see Warner Springs on the map, you are doing well. It must be a great feeling to be there in that fantastic nature, peaceful, amazing, beautiful, spacious and you as a little person walking through it, how lucky are you. Such an experience, enjoy darling, love Mutti xx

  2. Those forks suck. Sitting down, in a chair, not walking a million kilometres I manage to break them. Lucky your spirit and determination is nothing like a spork!

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