Midday downtime

I set the alarm for 5am this morning but quickly hit the snooze button when I heard the wind howling through my tent. I had slept with ear plugs and a eye mask on so the flapping of my tent and glowing moon wouldn’t keep me awake. They worked. Four hikers passed our campsite before we moved out at 8:30am. I needed warm oats, coffee and to do some serious taping of my feet before we left.

6 miles in we reached the 100 mile mark, only 2563 miles to go from here! Today was always going to be a shorter day because we realised that Warner Springs doesn’t have ANY accommodation, not even camping, hmmm. There is however a community centre where we can do laundry, take a shower and have breakfast, lunch and dinner. This coupled with visiting the post office will be on the agenda for tomorrow, which means after a long siesta in the sun today we only need to go a few more miles to camp on the outskirts of town near Eagle Rock.

I’m slowly starting to get my systems in place without unpacking and repacking my bag 100 times a day. I still have a long way to go before I’m actually being ‘efficient’, but the snail speed I’ve been travelling at when setting up my tent, cooking and generally outdoor chores should soon improve.


9 thoughts on “Midday downtime

  1. Rozi, you have the right attitude. It s all about improvement. Congrats on the first 100. Looks like you ll be able to write a book about foot care. I ll buy a copy.

  2. Sounds like you’re doing good! We have the light-my-fire sporks too…they do feel a little flimsy. Good idea to bring an extra! Is everyone having the same blister experience you are or do you think a different pair of shoe/sock combination would have done the trick in preventing them?

    • Haha well the blister issue seems to be pretty extreme in my case but my hiking buddy who is wearing boots is totally fine. I think my shoes are too big so I’m slipping a bit and there are some pretty rocky sections where each stone feels like it’s piercing my foot because of the thin soles. I may buy a pair of boots in Warner Springs but that could cause all new problems. Hope you guys are getting excited! Would love to bump into you out here! 🙂

  3. Rozi, loving seeing what you are up to. Congrats on reaching 100! Would wearing 2 pairs of socks help? One pair of woollen liner socks and a second pair of thicker wool? I find this combo great for walking in leather hiking boots.

  4. Hi darling, horay!!! the first 100 miles, up to the other thousands. Getting your “house”, your back pack, in order takes time. By now you will know where every thing is and how quickly to get to it. Success and enjoy, love Mutti xx

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