Night hiking

After the midday snooze yesterday we filled up our water and headed in the direction of Warner Springs. We knew we wouldn’t make it the whole way but wanted to go as far as my feet would carry me. We left around 6:30pm and walked through a number of open flat fields as the sun set.


It was quite surreal as the moon came out and lit the path ahead. We passed lots of cows and when the sun had totally gone down we could hear packs of kyotes barking. I for one was a little freaked out by how close and how many there were.

At mile 106 we reached Eagle Rock which was a quick deviation off the trail. I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to see it in the dark, but under the moonlight it looked spectacular. The only decent photo I could capture was on my Olympus camera if I stood completely still. At around 9pm my feet and stomach gave up and I needed a quick sit down, some beef jerky and water. Once I was refuelled I could walk another 15 minutes to what I think is a jeep road which is perfectly flat and away from the cows. After two more blister pops my feet were done and I was ready to sleep.

Today I’m having a slow morning, sipping coffee and contemplating the next two miles into town and what I’m going to do when I get there:

– shower
– laundry
– post office pick up
– buy lunch food
– buy new shoes/boots?

One thought on “Night hiking

  1. Hi darling, it must have been amazing to walk in the moon light. Great country you are going through there. You must be looking forward to a nice warm shower. Enjoy, love Mutti x

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