Bye bye Pac Man

This morning I made the decision to spend a full day off my feet and I THINK I will head to the kickoff. I was lucky enough to score a mattress on the floor inside last night as Pac Man slept outside without cover on the porch. He’s decided to carry onto Idyllwild which I would have done too if my feet were ready for the miles.

It was really sad to see him go. 9 days on the trail can seem like a lifetime and I honestly haven’t belly laughed that hard and that frequently for as long as I can remember. Travel safe Pac Man and hope to see you somewhere along the tail. (Check out Pac Man’s website as he’s aiming to raise over 2.5 million dollars for Juvenile Diabetes Research).

What this means for me is a day off drying out my feet in the sun then heading back to Lake Morena tomorrow to prep for the kickoff. Then on Sunday Monty will drive Chris and I back to Warner Springs where I’ll start off where I left off. I hope this turns out to be a good decision.

6 thoughts on “Bye bye Pac Man

  1. Hi darling, life is about making decisions and meeting incredible people. You will have months ahead of you to experience that. I am pleased that your feet are having a rest. Enjoy your little time off and you soon will catch up again, with feet without blisters I hope.
    Love you heaps, Mutti xx

  2. Hi darling, just looked back at your first blog. You mentioned this man and how wonderful that you now have met this interesting man ” Billy Goat”. He was very good to you guys. Love Mutti xx

  3. Miss you terribly! Got to Idyllwild last night. Here till Monday Morning. Then NORTH! Hope to see you sometime soon. Miss laughing! It’s totally different just laughing at myself. Bye for now! Don’t be Stupid Damnit!

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