Hanging with the legends

This morning I would not have expected to be sitting with PCT hiking veterans Warner Springs Monty and Billy Goat who I quote on my homepage when I describe ‘why’ I chose to hike this trail.

My feet are bathing in a bucket of Epsom salts after Monty picked up Pac Man and me from the Warner Springs Community Centre. He also had our trail mate Chris after he was bitten by a spider and needed to be taken to emergency.

Before we were headed to Monty’s property in the back of his truck we arrived at the Community Centre around noon after 2 miles of walking. On arrival we were greeted by a bunch of volunteers cooking lunch, offering up laundry and showers and selling items at the store. I basically bought them out of first aid supplies and wet wipes.


After a heavenly outdoor shower and a cheeseburger we caught a lift to the post office where I picked up my second resupply box and sent a few items back ‘home’ (BJ expect something in the mail from me). I had one of the UPS delivery men ask me if I was REALLY going to hike to Canada, and although he delivers hundreds of hiker packages throughout the season, he still can’t believe it.

When Pac Man told Monty about my blisters he took one look at them and told me I should rest up a day and put my feet in salt water. He offered for us both to come stay with him and also meet ‘Billy Goat’. Later on we all sat on Monty’s porch drinking beer, soaking feet and talking about hiking with the king of lightweight hiking, and with a man who has hiked over 40,000 miles.


Monty fed us a three course meal of salad, chicken rice and brussel sprouts, and ice cream and strawberries before we all watched the National Geographic doco on the PCT which of course Monty is in. It’s been a spin out. Monty highly recommends I attend the kick of weekend this coming weekend which would mean taking the next 5 days off hiking. I would be given a job to do there and some kind of motorised vehicle to sleep in, plus it would give my blisters time to heal. Food for thought as I drift off to sleep after midnight.

2 thoughts on “Hanging with the legends

  1. HI Rozanne,

    How exciting! Looks like the experiences are on a variety of fronts. Sounds like you are getting some good foot advice. Also, spending some time resting and having other types of trail experiences could be an added plus to your adventure. Looking forward to hearing more.


  2. Hi darling, what a lovely group of people you are meeting. There would have been some interesting conversations, together with the beer and some lovely food. I am so pleased that your feet are looked after and yes give them some rest, they need it. Enjoy your time with those lovely people, so many different experiences you will come across, fabulous.
    Love Mutti xx

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