My first zero day

A zero day = no miles walked on the trail. Instead this morning I woke to coffee and breakfast being made, then searched in vain for some sunshine to dry out my feet. No such luck. Instead I read a few pages of ‘Wild’ on my e-reader while sitting on the ground in Monty’s driveway. It was the section where Cheryl is trying to squeeze all the gear into her monster pack in a motel room in Mojave. I loved reading it even more the second time around.

As I was reading Billy Goat came over and spoke to me about the Kick Off and was glad to hear I had decided to go. He took Chris in his specially designed car down to Lake Morena today. I decided to stay behind to help Monty get things in order for tomorrow. It was probably the most domestic day of my entire life. I pre-made salad for dinner and learned how to cut with the biggest, sharpest knife on the planet. Then I put on a load of laundry, cut vegetables for dinner, washed dishes, moved boxes and cooked.

In the midst of my domesticity we took a trip to the Community Centre where I was picked up yesterday to collect another hiker who’ll be teaching yoga at the Kick Off. There were at least 30 hikers hanging out including the infamous ‘Yogi’ (pictured below) who wrote the PCT handbook (my bible). I felt a little out of place and completely out of my element. So much so I expressed my concerns to Monty again about Kick Off, but he reassured me that I’ll be working there, welcoming hikers and helping sell Dirty Girl gaiters to people so it’ll give me a purpose for being there.

Monty found me a new pair of shoes in the hiker box today so I’ll test them out over the weekend to see if they make any difference. He also dug deep into my most painful blister again today to ensure there wasn’t anything else inside. I’ve never had so much attention paid to my feet in my entire life.

Tomorrow morning we’ll head down to Lake Morena around 9am. I’m still a little apprehensive about being in the company of over 600 other hikers but it’ll be an experience nonetheless!

3 thoughts on “My first zero day

  1. This is all pretty stunning, Rozi. Katie told me you’d made significant updates and here they all are! I’ve just read through all the blog posts from the first day of the trail until now (being the most interesting bits!) and, well, it looks pretty amazing.
    Part of me can’t believe that you’ve already gotten multiple blisters, a spider bite, cold temperatures, and walked 20 mile days. Sounds like it’s all in a day’s work for you now!
    Good on you girl. Keep up the great work and I will check in again in not too long.
    Hugs, Amy xo

  2. Hi darling, some of your peaceful time has finished by meeting all those other hikers, but an interesting time too. The rest for your blisters is great and at the same time Monty and Billy Goat are giving you another experience. To give something back to the trail must be a nice feeling too, that you are helping heaps of other people who are hiking. Back at Warner Springs you can start fresh again with blister free feet I hope and stay in front of the mop. Enjoy and have lots of fun, love Mutti xx

  3. Hi Rozanne,

    How nice! Happy feet, a chance to brush up on your homemaking skills, meeting the PCT greats, and experiencing 600 PCT hikers at one time (you may not get another chance at that in the next 5 months). I think you made the right decision. Can’t wait to see the pics.


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