The Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off began today. Monty, Wendy and I squashed into the front seat of Monty’s pick up truck and headed back down south just after 9am. We went past Mount Laguna and I popped into the general store to say hi to the folks I met about a week ago. It was like catching up with old friends, I guess the accent stands out in this part of the world.

There was already a lot happening on site when we arrived and I was soon put to work at the front gate to welcome the hikers. I met a few more celebs from the hiking world, Halfmile (pictured below) who created the 250 pages of free maps I printed and his colleague who created the iPhone app which I use every time I want to know where I’m at.

I looked very official in my orange vest but soon realised I had no answers to any questions making me somewhat redundant. Luckily for me I was introduced to Dr Sole and was relieved of my duties to have my feet seen to by the specialist.

After a soapy foot bath my feet were ready for surgery. As Dr Sole lathered my feet in peroxide and started to snip away at the skin I thought to ask if he was actually a doctor. He laughed, shook his head and told me he’s an ex-truck driver who knows a lot about curing hiker injuries. Good enough for me!

Not only does Dr Sole cure feet, he also sewed sheepskin to my backpack straps to alleviate my shoulder pain. In addition, he invited Wendy and I into his mobile home and fed us cookies and coffee. The generosity of people out here is absolutely overwhelming.

Dr Sole also gave me another pair of boots to try. They’re a size 8.5 US and have better ankle support and sole support than my Salomans. I now have three pairs of shoes to test out and choose from this weekend!

I participated in the sunset yoga session this evening and am getting an early night as I start working for Dirty Girl Gaiters tomorrow. It’s going to drop below zero tonight so I could be in for a chilly nights sleep!

3 thoughts on “ADZPCTKO

  1. Hi darling, your feet are having the best treatment ever, how lucky are you with Doctor Sole around .Hope one of the pairs of shoes will fit well. It could be a funny day tomorrow with the Dirty Girl Gaiters. Great to meet all those interesting people. Enjoy, love Mutti xx

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