Kick Off Day 2

It’s day 2 of kick off and I’m just about done. I had the most magnificent pack shake down which consists of an experienced hiker going through each and every piece of your gear to assess whether or not you really need it. I think it was the longest shakedown in history creating a lot of interest from passers by who were amazed at the quantity of items that were being put aside.

My clothing, first aid, underwear and toiletries were all closely scrutinised, right down to the one tampon I was carrying if my Diva Cup failed. I’ve never had a male stranger and random onlookers learn so much about me so quickly. When people saw I had three pairs of shoes I think they were curious to know what else was in my giant pack. In the end I think we managed to cut at least 15 pounds or more. Thank you Virgo for helping me do this!

I was fortunate to have time between my Dirty Girl Gaiter duties to attend a couple of seminars on desert hiking and the water report. Tomorrow I hope to learn a little more about snow hiking/camping and post off all the gear that won’t be joining me on the trip. The Gaiter stand was relatively quiet today but we’re expecting things to heat up tomorrow. Could be another busy day.

I was put on front gate duty tonight from 8pm until 10pm which meant I missed all the videos from the class of 2012 hikers. Shame. I’m not sure when and how I’m getting back to the trail but hopefully I’ll make it out of here sometime tomorrow or early on Sunday. Dr Sole cleaned up my feet again today and he says I’m ready to walk. He’s also going to make Wendy and I coffee and breakfast tomorrow morning. True trail magic which I may need as there’s some serious snoring going on around my tent again tonight.

Till tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “Kick Off Day 2

  1. Hi darling,a different experience again with lovely people. Two good things have come out of this and will help you with starting the trail again and that are your feet and a lighter backpack. Aren’t Monty and Billy Goat bringing you back where they found you at Warner Springs? I am sure that you are ready to get on the road again. Success and strength, love Mutti xx

    • Good question! Gaiters cover your ankles and the tops of your shoes to keep dirt and stones out. The Dirty Girl brand was started by a woman named Xy who started by sewing a pair for her friend and the style caught on and became very popular. I’ll have to add a photo in my next post!

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