Back on track

It’s 10:45pm and Wendy and I just set up camp a couple of miles out of Warner Springs. We were happy to leave the kick off a day early and get back to the trail ahead of the pack. Leanne one of Monty’s friends and her partner brought us the 1.5 hours back to the trail head. My pack was on my lap in the back seat full of 5 days of food and 6 litres of water making my legs numb for most of the trip.

We started the day with breakfast and coffee with Dr Sole before heading over to the Dirty Girl vendor tent. He made us burritos and said we could come back for lunch too. My feet are in such good shape he just did a quick clean and tape up job so no dirt could get in, then I was set to go.

I had a full list of things I needed to get done today and was happy to tick the majority off the list:
– pack up campsite and repack bag
– make a list of items to be sent in my bounce box after the shake down of gear yesterday
– post bounce box to Aqua Dulce and extra gear back to Canada
– purchase additional gear (sun gloves, 1 litre platypus bottle, belt, spork)

Once this was done I spent some time with the Dirty Girls and went to a couple of seminars on food and one for women only hikers. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to this one and although I was glad I did, I left feeling more vulnerable than before. Some of the women who had done other thru hikes had some interesting stories about dealing with male attention on the trail, and having been at the kick off I now understand what they’re talking about. The good thing is there’s at least 20 other solo women hikers on the trail so I’m definitely not on my own out here.

Next up was the class of 2013 PCT hiker photo and then cheeseburgers for dinner.

We said a big goodbye to Dr Sole before we left and thanked him so much for all the work he did on my and many other hiker’s feet. I encouraged him to take a short lunch break and brought him some food for dinner as the line up of patients was never ending. He may also be in Kennedy Meadows around the time I’m there, fingers crossed!

Once we were dropped off back at the trail head we decided to hike some distance from the road. My headlamp was the strongest so I was leading and could see so many creepy crawlies on the trail including spiders, giant black bugs and crickets. After a few minutes of walking we were surrounded by at least ten pairs of giant eyes reflecting in the torch light which turned out to be horses, then I also saw a huge mouse which turned around and ran towards me when my torch light hit it. I screamed and ran in circles then doubled over in fits of laughter with Wendy who also freaked out at the speed at which the mouse charged at me. We decided to find a place to camp soon after. Tomorrow morning I’m going to take it slow and get my bearings again, then start the trail anew as a solo hiker. Pac Man already made it to Idyllwild so he’s at least 4 days ahead of me now.

10 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. Hi Aunti Ro, glad your back on the trail. We were trying to work out whether you were going to have to start at the very beginining again. This post made it clear. Glad you are going to be going solo for a whileu, I think the whole self discovery part will be much better when you have to do it alone.

  2. Also your sissy is doing well, her belly is getting bigger every day. The other blog we read regularly is the pregnancy blog which says that the baby can hear and is more receptive to my voice. I might have to read your blog to B2 every night to get him/her used to my voice. Maybe one day in about 30 years time B2 will be on a voyage of self discovery along the PCT and have a strange sense of deja vu.

  3. HI Rozanne,

    Sounds like the ‘Kick off’ detour was beneficial in many ways. Do you know how many PCT hikers attended and/or make up the class of 2013? I just started reading “A Walk in the Woods”. Wrong trail but the book was handy. Bears sound like a real challenge. Hopefully unwanted male attention will not be as challenging and/or the worst you have to deal with.


    • There were about 900 hikers registered for the kick off (I think) so they expect about 1000 on the trail this year. I’ve bumped into lots of hikers today so I don’t think I’ll have any issues being a female on my own. Will have to read that book some time!

  4. It’s the old man. Back from China and can log into WordPress at last. Now spending time going back through posts and finally seeing photos. Marvelous. Not sure if you ever got my email from Beijing – it was just the usual reinforcement and astonishment at all of the happenings and your endurance. With you, miss you.

    • Thanks Dadda, I did get your email and have been meaning to respond. So good to know your thoughts are with me and you can now follow the journey with pictures! Lots of love to you and Mutti xx

  5. Hi darling, so pleased that you are on the road again. I hope that you never see a bear in the night because if a big mouse can do this to you, what will a bear make you do? I showed some friends the PCT route on the map and they were just amazed, for you to organize all the food and choose places to set up tent etc… It is an amazing hike you are doing and I am so proud of you how you are conducting yourself. Be free, have fun and enjoy yourself.
    Love Mutti xx

    • Thanks Mutti, love getting your messages each day. Hope you are well back in Oz. I often get questions about what my parents think of me doing this hike and I’m so proud to say that you guys are behind me 100% and are following me each step of the way. Lots of love xxx

  6. How did you end up going, being a female who started out alone on the trail? Did you ever have any problems with men (hikers or non-hikers)? When you camped by yourself, did you camp a bit off trail so you weren’t seen or did you just set up anywhere suitable? I’m loving reading through your posts- it’s getting me even more excited for my (very far in the future) PCT thru hike attempt!! 🙂

    • I always tried to camp a little bit hidden off trail but it wasn’t always possible. In general I didn’t have any issues with men that I wouldn’t have in the ‘civilised world’ haha. For me the trail is one of the safest places in the world! 🙂

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