The only way is up

It’s 16:47 and I am absolutely beat. I had read in Yogi’s guide that this section of the trail is one of the steepest but I wasn’t quite expecting this. I’m in the San Jacinto Mountains which are absolutely breathtaking, but the hard rocks and incredibly steep trail are killing my feet.

I’ve got terrible signal here which is odd because I feel like I’m on top of the world at the moment. The day started with 30 minutes of snoozing between 4:30 – 5:00am. It was cold outside so I did my usual cooking from inside the tent procedure although this time I set some dry grass on fire and had to cover it with my windshield to put it out. My hair needs a serious wash.

Lots of hikers passed by my site this morning on the way to the spring which I expected. I had to walk the rest of the way down there myself and realised I probably could have made it to the next water source without making the 2 mile detour. Too late!

The trail started climbing early on and I thought that was the steep section they were referring to in Yogi’s book. Oh no, the steep parts were still to come. I met a few new faces on the trail today, The Kid and Acid Glasses who I followed for 2 miles to the next water source. I hadn’t spoken to anyone for what seemed forever so the poor guy got exploded upon with conversation.

We found a shady spot with two wooden chairs and decided to stop for lunch. Acid Glasses had a giant stack of ham and cheese which he planned to eat on one small bagel. He offered me a few slices to lighten the load which tasted fantastic after days of spam and beef jerky. Just as I was about to head down to the water source with my entire pack he suggested just taking my water bottles and filter as I needed to come back up the hill to the exact same place. Good thinking! This guy has done the Appalachian Trail and seems to know a few good ways to conserve energy.

My small toe looks to be getting a little infected and sadly I’m without any neosporin after my pack shake down. I did however get a text from Dr Sole today who said he’ll be in Idyllwild on Friday! Wendy also said she made it there and has a room in her cabin for me tomorrow night. I was hoping to push to get there late tonight but I had no idea the terrain would be like this. I’m still 6 miles from where I hoped to finish up today and I seem to be going at a pace of 1 mph.

Since I started this post I’ve hiked the most excruciating 4 miles with Chris to a campsite 4 miles from Idyllwild. Just as I was in the bushes about to pee I heard “Muk Muk” being called and I ran out to see that he’d finally caught up with me. We had two choices for camping, a site 1.3 miles or one just over 4 miles. In our exuberance we decided on the later and boy did we have to work for it. I was pretty sure I was going to faint or vomit when I got there but we arrived in one piece just as it was getting dark and joined another group of hikers camping 8000 feet above sea level. It’s windy as hell and I’m pretty certain I’m going to be blown over the edge! Could be a restless night!



6 thoughts on “The only way is up

  1. Wow! Things are getting tougher. Looks like a bad hair day. Glad you have trail friends and wonderful views. What more could one want ( a shower? a hamburger? a bed? a car? a ……)


  2. What a stupendous view and great shot. Tie yourself down tonight. Can’t believe the antibiotic was a leave behind recommendation. I’ve seen “50 Fabulous Ways with Spam” in the bookstore – shall I get it for you?

  3. Hi darling, it looks like you on the top of the world, such an amazing photo. You are lucky that the wind didn’t lift you up like a feather. Such a journey, you are doing very well. Hope that Doctor Sole is repairing your feet, success darling. Love Mutti xx

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