Watch the trail in motion

If there’s one person on the trail more passionate about telling their story of this adventure than me it’s Chris. He started his blog in early January and has an incredibly emotional story to tell of the events in his life that brought him to the trail. He spent a lot of time in Idyllwild editing the videos he’s been taking along the way. As I haven’t been taking video myself I highly suggest you check out his sight in conjunction with mine to get a real sense of what it’s like to be out here. He’ll be keeping a video journal of the entire experience so take a look:


5 thoughts on “Watch the trail in motion

  1. Hi Rozanne! I am absolutely loving your updates, they are such a highlight every day. It sounds like you are having an amazing experience and meeting lots of characters. You are such an inspiration. Sending you all my love xxxxx

    • Thanks beautiful lady! So glad you’re following along. Thinking of you guys and sending you love from the top of San Jacinto Peak!

  2. Enjoyed looking at Chris’ blog. Signed up for more. Am waiting to see you in one of his videos.


  3. Hi darling, what an amazing video. You guys have been walking on such small mountain ridges. Chris did such a great job. I will follow him and have singed up. With your beautiful photo gallery and his video it feels that we are there with you, fabulous. Love Mutti xx

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