Sunrise on San Jacinto

I had the alarm set for 4am this morning and snoozed for a full hour until I saw light starting to creep through the cracks of the hut. I woke up Chris and we both ran up to the peak with a bag of granola and our cameras.

It was extremely cold waiting for the sun to come up. There were some magnificent colours in the sky but after waiting almost an hour we both thought that maybe there was too much cloud cover to see any more. That’s when suddenly this big glowing red ball peeked out of the cloud cover. It was so unexpected and surreal the way it rose out of the clouds, like the world was giving birth to a huge red burning mass. The picture doesn’t quite capture the effect but it was like nothing I’d ever seen before.


After a quick cup of coffee in the hut it was time to pack up and hit the trail again. The walk to the stream was an easy one but after filling up on 5 litres of water to last the next 20 miles my pack was back to it’s regular heavy weight. I felt like a donkey trying to move it up some of the switch backs that followed.

Fuller Ridge had been talked up to be one of the most treacherous parts of the trail. I hadn’t read this myself but Chris had slight anxiety about this track and we had heard there was lots of snow from hikers that had passed that section earlier. We reached the end before realising we’d even gone through it. I guess the snow must have melted pretty quickly. There is a big storm expected to roll in tomorrow so I’m glad we missed it by at least a day.

I could see some of the forest fires that have been reported near the trail burning in the distance. They’re about 15 miles away and blowing in the opposite direction for now so hopefully they won’t affect the trail.

The rest of the day was downhill. I wore both my ankle and knee brace which was lucky because both Chris and I took a few falls on the way down and there were so many rocks to twist my ankles on. I also used some of Igor’s magic cream for my sore shoulders. He wasn’t lying when he said the cream will heat up the skin. It got so hot in fact that I had to pour water down my back to cool off.

The whole way down I could still see the peak we’d come from in the distance. We made it to mile 200 today but my legs had put in such an effort yesterday and today that I couldn’t go much further.


We set up camp in a windy ridge not far beyond the 200 mile mark. My tent does not do well in the wind so I have at least 6 big rocks holding it down tonight. Hopefully this time it will remain upright!


8 thoughts on “Sunrise on San Jacinto

  1. Hi darling, that sun rise sounded out of this world, so amazing it would have send shivers through your body, what an emotional experience, so nice that you could share it with Chris. 200 Miles, such an achievement, horay !!!! We had wandered about those fires. Strenght and enjoyment for the coming miles, Love you, Mutti xx

  2. Go 200 Team !! What a rock to get a tan in that pic.Doing great and luckily the desert winds seem to be blowing the fires (quite serious and large) towards the coast. You may edge closer to them on your next legs so watch out. Cheers.

  3. Congratulations! Your are almost 1/10th of the way there and already it seems like enough memories for a lifetime. The views are beautiful. Great pic of you on the rock. I can’t imagine the effort that it takes to hike like you do. Never having done hiking like this and not knowing the terrian, I keep wondering what will be in store for the next 200 miles.


  4. Hi darling, I had a closer look at the rock you were sun baking on. That rock has just been wedged and hangs loose between those other rocks. How ever got it there in such a position? Love Mutti xx

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