Double rainbow

It’s not everyday you wake up to see a double rainbow outside your tent. I was surprised because there didn’t seem to be any rain until the clouds moved in suddenly. I was still in my tent when this occurred so I waited out the wet before I got up to start the day.

I was meant to meet Chris at the first water source after Poo Bear had to venture into the woods, but somehow we didn’t cross paths and in the end I went all the way to the next river crossing and waited. Four search and rescue volunteers came along and said they were looking for three hikers that have been missing since Saturday. They’re not PCT hikers but day hikers who were lost somewhere north of where we were. They also told me someone who matched Chris’ description was back down the trail looking for me.

Once reunited we headed into the hills. There was a lot of gradual climbing today and no phone reception except when we reached the top of the ridge and I was able to get my last post out. I’m also without any signal tonight. The views were stunning and we could see the storm that had engulfed the San Jacinto Mountains behind us. We got through just in time.


By lunch my legs were like lead and needed a good resting. Chris built a makeshift stove to warm tortillas with tuna and bacon on them. My trail appetite has definitely kicked in and I’m living up to the name Muk Muk with the amount of food I’m consuming. It’s almost exhausting to eat so frequently. We finally saw some other hikers who had stayed at Ziggy and the Bear’s last night and had lunch with them in a nice shady spot by Mission Creek.


After lunch I felt like all of my energy had been zapped. My legs were super tired, my ankles hurt and all I could think about was being inside my tent. As we were walking a search and rescue helicopter flew over us low into the valley. They must still be looking for the missing hikers. Our hearts sank thinking about how dangerous it would be out here without proper gear, water and food.

Towards the end of the day my feet almost gave up on me. While I was resting the folks we had lunch with came past and we all decided to head for the same campsite. On the way we came across a Sidewinder, a poisonous snake which moves sideways unlike other snakes. Chris was lucky to spot it bathing in the sun on the trail just in time.

Everyone was so tired but the time we reached camp. We quickly made dinner, hot chocolate and then opted for an early night. We are still 30 miles from Big Bear. Chris may try to make it in one day but it’ll definitely take me two. Most of the hiking is uphill again tomorrow. I hope my legs feel better in the morning!


5 thoughts on “Double rainbow

  1. Hey Pooh! I have been reading your posts every day but too scared of technology to leave a comment 🙂 not sure if I have done it right but I’m really happy to read up on your adventure! Thinking of you! Katie. Xo

    • Katie-pooh, have been thinking of you SO much and telling many stories of our Wagga Wagga days!! Missing you and am so wrapped to hear you’re reading the blog! All my love to you guys, my dynamic training duo xx

  2. Hi darling, I am still amazed about the wilderness you are walking through. Great photos and lucky that snake was spotted by Chris. What’s happened to your legs, if they are crampy, you may need a little more salt. Some magnesium tablets could be of help too. Success on the way to Big Bear. Love you, Mutti xx

  3. OMG – what a punishing couple of days but with some big highs as offset. Look after those feet – they are the most important element in this whole shebang. You don’t seem to be behind schedule so if your body says rest, do it. Hope you don’t feel need to keep up with others. How cool we found our Muk Muk in Sydney today. He’s going to be looking at your blog too now !!

  4. Wow! What an experience-from double rainbows (wonderful) to poisonous snakes (awful). We have been reading about the hikers. Hope they are found soon. The picture of Chris is amazing. He must be quite strong -good find! Sounds like in spite of the difficulty of the hike, you are getting use to it (how are the blisters?). Wish I could jump into some of the pics (not the one with the snake).


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