Just another zero day

Other than eating steak, chicken, chocolate, coconut pie, pizza and eggs, today was very low key. I did laundry, went to the post office and market, soaked my feet in Epsom salt, slept and sat in the hot tub. Just a typical zero day on the PCT.


I have some new blisters that require attention but other than that my body is feeling great. I ate about as much food as I could possibly consume and spent at least two hours napping in the afternoon. I left ALL of my clothing at the laundromat while I slept and was shocked to find it neatly folded when I went to pick it up hours later, by a guy too. Coincidently when I went to buy HEET for my stove Robin who picked me up on Hwy 18 last night came in. She even drove me down to the market. I’ll definitely be sending her a postcard from Wrightwood.

I still struggle with the transition from trail to town and back again. The town stops are definitely a motivator but it’s hard when you’re all clean and rested to repack your pack (which still smells super manky) with gear and a heap of food and imagine trudging it up the next section. It should take approximately 6 days to get to Wrightwood. Hopefully at the post office there I’ll be able to pick up my Muk Muk key ring that I ordered on eBay!

Chris uploaded some great new videos on his site (featuring Muk Muk), check it out: www.ubserious.com

10 thoughts on “Just another zero day

  1. Hey dirty doll!
    I was so bummed that you took off before i could give you a big dirty thank you and good luck hug. Im relieved that you and Chris are hiking together. He needs someone along to make sure he doesnt get bitten by a rattlesnake, attacked by killer bees, sleeps in a bed of poodlebush and poison oak, bathes in a pool of flesh-eating amoeba, play peekaboo with a mountain lion, get tetnus by lancing blisters with his trekking poles….the usual PCT dangers!

    • Hey Dirty Girl!!! Am so bummed I missed the dirty hug and also wanted to thank you for letting me be a part of your Dirty Girl Gaiter gang at kick off! You are fabulous and am so grateful we got to hang out. Hope to see you again along the trail!! X

      • Well I’m in Colorado right now:) I got mono, or the kissing disease, after kickoff and got sick and headed home for the week and my sister is graduating from college so ill be hitting the trail next Tuesday morning at Cajon!! What’s your #??? Message me so I can keep in touch. 1-530-913-4934 !! So glad to see you and Chris rockin it!!:)

      • Hope you’re feeling better my girl!! We’ll be passing Cajon in the next couple of days! Can’t wait to catch up!

      • HAHA! I thought Abby had made a seriously bad wrong turn on the PCT to end up in Colorado. doh! would be so uber cool if you three could rock the PCT together!

  2. Hi darling, you sitting in that big chair looked like a scene out of The Adams Family. how fabulous to have all that lovely food in front of you, no wonder that you indulge. I would too. Enjoy darling, love mutti xx

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