The sun returns

I left camp at about 8:30am this morning after letting my tent dry out, having coffee and eating oats. After about 3 miles Chris caught up with me with his lighter pack and stories of his stormy walk into Big Bear Lake last night.


When we stopped for a break we bumped into Spoon Man who I hadn’t seen since Paradise Cafe and his mate Butters. Chis had decided that he wanted to get to Wrightwood in three days because he bounced his extra food and tent ahead.

This meant I walked alone most of the day and caught up with Spoon Man and Butters at breaks. We stopped just before the first water source and sat with a woman named Jane who was meeting up with another hiker with her motor home and two dogs. She gave us fresh water so we didn’t have to fill up at the stream, thank you!!


My lower back was hurting a little today so I tried Igor’s special muscle cream on it. Once applied it feels like you’ve got instant sunburn or a nest of fire ants are biting your skin. It’s painful but it sure does work.

Although the tail had an easy grade, the scenery was great and the weather was perfect, I struggled with motivation today. I think the world has been moving a million miles an hour and I guess today it slowed down to a regular pace. I listened to my iPhone for a little while but it only has 6 songs and 1 album on it, so the entertainment is short lived. I think I was lacking a goal for today. I hadn’t thought too much about how far I wanted to go and where I wanted to camp.

I caught up to the boys again at one of the river crossings and not far down the trail we bumped into Lion King who had set up camp by a gorgeous part of the river. The water was so inviting and the weather so warm we decided to take a dip. Major contrast to yesterday!


The swim boosted my morale and we only had to walk another 5 miles to a great camping spot on the sand by Deep Creek and mile 298!

We had a small campfire and cooked dinner sitting around it while the sun went down. I had to pop two more blisters on my heels which I think may be caused by the ankle support in my shoes. I’m curious to find out from Chris where he’s at. I know he definitely passed the 300 mile mark!



3 thoughts on “The sun returns

  1. Hi darling, such a great day. The swimming in that crystal clear water would have been heaven. Amazing photo of the rugged path with rock wall. Looked like snow on the mountain in the distance with the lake in front, great photo. Love Mutti xx

    • Ahhh so good to hear from you guys!!! Thank you for taking such good care of Chris and for the delicious bottle of wine! Big Bear has been my favourite trail town so far! Big hugs from the trail xx

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