The road to McDonalds

After a successful night of cowboy camping I woke at 5am and was packed up and ready to go 20 minutes later. I said a quick goodbye to Spoon Man who was still half asleep then hit the trail as the sun was coming up over the horizon.

I thought I had 10 miles to my next water source and only 1.5 litres in my bladder, but I came across two small water caches where I was able to fill up enough to get me through to mile 327. I had to stop early on to tend to my blisters and take some ibuprofen and after that I sailed through the first 12 miles. This is when the sun started to get HOT and it was only around 9am.


I was getting frustrated because I had phone signal everywhere except for the shade. I tried uploading my last post on two occasions in a shady spot but gave up and sat smack bang in the sun. Because I didn’t have a decent breakfast I decided I would cook up one of my dinners for lunch and ended up cooking double in case I didn’t eat Maccas for dinner (which was 24 miles from where I camped).

Early on the trail wound around a beautiful lake and was quite flat. I came across a snake that looked like a rattler without the rattle who only slithered away after I stamped my feet on the ground. Later on the trail started to climb again.

The trail went on roads, through industrial areas and odd tunnels today. I haven’t had to use a map since the first week as the signage on the trail has been very consistent and easy to follow.


I took the heel cap of my super feet insoles off yesterday because I think they are causing me blisters. The issue now is that there isn’t enough padding on my heels so they hurt. I’m desperate for new shoes, I wore my purple Frocs for at least half of today just because the pain was too much to bare.

I arrived at Maccas close to 5pm, ate an Angus burger meal, posted my videos, washed my socks, filled up my water, brushed my teeth and went to the toilet about 3 times in the space of 1.5 hours. There was a huge group of hikers gathered on the lawn outside and there were many familiar faces among them.

Spoon Man and Butters arrived about an hour later and decided to stay at the Best Western close by. Although my feet were aching I was keen to push on another 5 miles during my favourite part of the day when I feel like I can almost run along the trail as the sun goes down.

I made it 30 miles by about 8:30pm and didn’t even need to use my headlamp as the moon is slowly getting brighter. I’m cowboy camping once again and plan to leave here around 5am for the 22 mile uphill push to Wrightwood. I got sent a picture of Chris and Pac Man today as they finally met up again about a day ahead of me on the trail. It’s been good to have eyes ahead on the trail especially for information on water sources. Off to sleep now, I hope the big black bug on my sleeping mat earlier doesn’t come back!


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