Goodbye Salomons

After a somewhat traumatic blister day I have taken drastic action. The Salomons are in the bin and I have bought myself some very stylish hiking sandals which conveniently have holes where all my blisters are so they can breath (and hopefully heal).


I started off around 5:30am this morning and was truly still half asleep for at least the first hour. I was wearing my Frocs from the beginning of the day which worked well until the stony ground became more jagged and steep and I started slipping and sliding all over the place. We climbed close to 5000 feet from McDonalds which started to take its toll as the day heated up.

As you can see from my videos in the previous post I was having all sorts of foot troubles. I tried modifying my shoes with duct tape and chux super wipes which managed to get me to the top of the Acorn Trail heading into Wrightwood. This is where I noticed that my small toe was three times its normal size filled with liquid.

I went through many different emotions today, met some new hikers, saw a fox, cried, popped more blisters and eventually found my way to Wrightwood. I scored a ride to town thanks to UB and Lion King who had jumped ahead and met me at the bottom of the hideous Acorn Trail with a random dude in a borrowed ute.

Once in town I reunited with UB, drank coffee, then ran my errands including a trip to the post office, hardware store and supermarket. I finally got to pick up my Muk Muk key ring which will now travel with me back to Canada!

I think I was over hungry when I got to town and actually had to force three tacos down at dinner. Following that we sorted out food for the next few days, repacked my backpack and cleaned out all of my cooking items including the rice and black bean that has been festering in my pack for two days. It smelt out the entire bathroom!

UB, Lion King, Wendy and I are all sleeping in the same room tonight with girls in the bed and boys on the floor. It honestly feels like we’re on a school camp! Tomorrow I’ll be testing out the new sandals and will have to climb 1,500 feet up the Acorn Trail back to the trail, not looking forward to that one!


6 thoughts on “Goodbye Salomons

  1. With ‘lil Muk things should go better, specially with your feet. Clearly there had been something wrong with fitting and suitability of the Salomans. Glad to see you have something like my Merrells but that design also is prone to getting small stones in which you have to kick out. With you all the way L1.

  2. Hi darling, yes something had to be done either with shoes or feet. Read in blog from UB that Maura had some solutions for your blisters, I hope so there has to come a solution. The new sandals look great are they Merrill. Success for the next miles darling, love mutti xx

  3. Hi Rozanne,

    I’m back to civilization (i.e., computer access) and am catching up on your posts. Made the mistake of starting your blister video while eating breakfast -not good. Hopefully you have found a solution to the problem but it appears to be ubiquitous with hikers. I was amazed at your determination. It is looking like you really are serious about this (joke). Glad to hear that crying is part of your coping mechanism. Encourages me to do the same. I enjoyed the videoes and hearing your voice. I appreciate your sharing both the hiking experiences and emotion. Same for Chris. I think I need to find a new passion. You are awesome.



  4. Sweet MukMuk
    I cry when I see how much your feet are tormenting you! I sent you something in care of the Saffleys. You are so beautiful and tough! I know you can do this!
    keepin it dirty,

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