20 thoughts on “Videos into Wrightwood

  1. Wow. Very few would risk sharing their tough times so take heart and know there’s a solution for happy feet in your future. The blister draining pic brings back my memories of last month in Arizona. Your grit and smile will take you far. I’ll be rooting for you as I trek around northern Oregon on sections of the trail you’ll be covering in August.

  2. Hi Muk Muk! I absolutely love following your adventure! If you could find some tincture of benzoin and leukotape for your blisters you’d be so stoked! I think it’s the ultimate combo for blisters – beats duct tape, moleskin and everything else I’ve tried. I told Chris too via Instagram. Good luck and be safe!

    • Thanks Maura I totally agree with your blister advice, can’t seem to find those products anywhere!! Thanks for following the adventure, hi from UB too!

  3. And I forgot to add Zeasorb foot powder! Tincture of benzoin first, let dry 3 mins, leukotape on top and cut the tape so there are no sharp corners, then zeasorb powder your foot all over and on the tape. I swear it will save you! Good luck!

  4. Yes! Just let me know where you’ll be and I’ll send you package of blister goodies. None of us want to see you guys suffer! I’m in Santa Monica and can get everything here and send you the goods super fast! Just let me know!

    • That’s so kind of you! I have new sandal shoes to wear for the next stretch to Aqua Dulce where I should be able to get a ride to REI – blister care heaven! Stay tuned and ill let you know how it goes!

      • There was a man at REI in Santa Monica that enlightened me on this remedy. He was a blister master! I went out and bought everything and its saved me. I was having horrible heel blisters and this was the one thing that worked. Please let me know if you need anything at all – I’m more than happy to help and make this experience more pleasant for you! (And Chris) We’re living vicariously through you and Chris’s journey! Just holler! Take care – M

        P.S. We’ll be in the Mt. Whitney/Lone Pine area June 12-15 – maybe you two will be nearby!

  5. Hi darling, it is hard to believe that you got this far on the trail with those feet, I know that you are a determined little monkey so nothing stands in your way, but please watch those feet. Listen to Maura she seems to have great advice. Hopefully something comes your way. Have fun and give those feet some airing. Love you, Mutti xx

  6. Muk Muk You should really try Keen Voyagers, buy 1 size bigger than normal and then use then hapad insoles. The shoes are wide, soft and no breakin time needed. The insoles are the best! Do not get gortex shoes, when they get wet they take forever to dry, and they will get wet in the Sierras.

    • Sounds like good advice! I’ll be near an REI in Aqua Dulce so we’ll see how the feet are fairing then! Fingers crossed they’ll be in better shape 🙂

  7. Hang in there Muk Muk! You can do it! Your feet will eventually conform to your new routine… And I am happy send anything you and Chris can’t find as well… Just post a note and let us know how we can help (pay you back for allowing us to journey with you!)

    P.S. Ironically I will be in Mt. Whitney/Lone Pine area June 12-15 as well! (Small World) If you need anything there and it looks like our paths may cross just let me know! Maura, say hi if you see me on the trail! Ill be backpacking up Whitney on Thursday/Friday.

    • I love that you might be up the trail and that you and Maura can connect this way. This next stretch will be a good test. Thank you so much for looking out for us, will holler if we need something down the track!

    • Hey Alan! We’re doing Whitney on the 14th but we’ll be at the portal camping starting on Wed the 12th. Then the night of the 14th we’re back down in Lone Pine. We should definitely connect and maybe we can somehow meet up with Rozeanne. Small world! Feel free to email me maurasmith69@hotmail.com

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