Happy feet

Today was an absolute breakthrough for my feet! I wore a very thin pair of socks and my Kamik sandals and my feet were dancing up the trail! I was nervous about climbing back up the Acorn Trail from to 1,500 feet in 2 miles, but with happy feet we were at the top before we knew it!

We woke early and Wendy and I went for breakfast at the Evergreen Cafe. Naturally it was filled with hikers and gave us an opportunity to catch up with a few trail folk. It was a quaint little place with big sunflowers hanging from the roof which would move up and down whenever someone entered the cafe.

I had to make a trip to the post office to send my resupply box ahead to Etna. I still had so much food left over and UB had another mountain to sort through so I tried to bounce it ahead. Unfortunately it wasn’t sent priority mail originally so I had to pay to forward it. I’m sure the guy in Bellingham said they were sent priority mail… Grrrrr, a good lesson for those new to the US postal system. I also finally sent home my e-reader and a few pairs of socks I had accumulated. Expect another package BJ, it’s starting to add up.

Snort who worked at the Dirty Girl stand with UB and I at the kick off was back on the trail after suffering glandular fever and was waiting for us at the start of the Acorn Trail. She organised for someone from the house at the trail head to come pick us up from town and drive us up there! Champions!!

It was steep climbing but warmed us up for what was to come. The wind was absolutely fierce and with my sleeping pad acting as a fin on the back of my pack I was being blown in all sorts of directions. We could see Baden Powell in the distance and headed in its direction wondering when the best time to summit it would be. We decided at 5:30pm at the bottom of the mountain to start the 4 mile ascent. Miraculously after 2 miles of straight up we came across Lion King resting up in the woods with just enough spaces for us all to sleep on flat ground.

We cooked dinner as the sun set, drank hot chocolate and then jumped into our sleeping bags under the stars. We have 7 miles until water so we’re all on rations and rather thirsty. The good thing is we’ll start hiking at 4:30am to see the sun rise from the peak and then head downhill until we hit water before the sun gets too hot. Goodnight for now from Baden Powell.







15 thoughts on “Happy feet

  1. Super happy your new shoes worked out!!! I was kind of unsure about those… And the ereader? Are you just to tired to read at night? Curious maybe I should skip bringing mine… πŸ˜‰

    • Sandals will get me to Aqua Dulce but then need new shoes from REI!! No time or energy to read at night, all free night time is spent writing! πŸ™‚

      • That’s good to know… Thank you! Of course than could just be the you and Chris are freakin animals doing 20 and 30 mile days!!! πŸ˜‰

        Rozanne do you remember all the things you removed from your pack at kickoff? It’s been a few weeks… Any regrets? Anything you have added back in?

  2. Hey It’s probably too late for this tip, but if there’s any tree tobacco up that way, you can use the leaves in your shoes to help with soreness. Only younger leaves will work. Just put them in like a Dr. Scholls insert.

  3. Happy to hear the tootsies are in better shape. Does UB think he’s some kind of snake whisperer? Crazy guy. Happy you have a signal again. One month over but are you all one fifth of the way – get moving!!!

  4. Hi darling, so pleased to hear and see something from you guys again. Amazing photos with those mountains in the distance, knowing that you are standing on the crest of one such mountain. I don’t want to alert you but you still need to do 1604 miles. What about doing a Marry Poppins, grab an umbrella, wait for strong wind and pooeeff…. up in the air and fly a few miles. Just keep a sturdy pace and you’ll get there. Strength for the next miles, love Mutti xx

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day. The names the hikers choose is a wonder. Some day you will have to add some insight. Good to hear about happy feet.


  6. I know you haven’t done this trip in two years but I am just reading it now. I did The Camino Le Puy to Muxia/Fisterria in 2013. I hope to do the PCT in March 2016, with my practice thru hike on the Colorado Trail this summer. I was wondering if your bounce boxes were sent forward for free or did you have to pay? I here people talk about this all the time and I have heard its free but others say it cost them a lot. Help, I really need the proper info for this process of the hike.

    ornery woman walking

    • Great to hear you’re taking on the challenge. If you want to bounce boxes ahead you need to use priority mail and post it within the US. I posted my first 14 boxes on the cheap to begin with and I had to pay to bounce them ahead. I’m not sure if you need to use the special priority boxes but just double check at the post office and they should be able to tell you! Good luck!!

      • Thank you gorgeous, you answered my question even though its not want I wanted to hear. I wish they had the shuttles for backpacks in the US like they had in Spain. Have fun on your new adventure, I will be reading along.
        Ornery woman walking

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