22 miles to Agua Dulce

After the hideous road walk yesterday my feet were swollen and my ankle blisters had returned. I knew it was going to take 22 miles before I could put my feet up and rest! Pac Man and I woke around 5am, had coffee and oatmeal then hit the trail around 7:15am.

The pressure of my blisters stung with each step to the point where I had to sit everything down and perform typical surgery on those suckers! There was so much liquid that came out but as a result each footstep following the surgery stung like bejesus!!


I tried focussing on Pac Man’s mantra of ‘pressure not pain’ until we reached the KOA campsite complete with picnic tables, shade and a store that sold ice cream and other goodies!


After two ice creams, three packets of chips, a Gatorade and a Snickers bar I completely passed out. At one point I woke up because the sun had crept up on me and I was beginning to get dehydrated. Pac Man describes the scene as me waking up with drool and dirt stuck to one cheek and a leaf stuck to the other, while I searched around blindly for my water bladder then drunk from the tube like I was suckling at a teet. It’s important to look good out here, what can I say!

We still had 11 miles to walk to the Saufley’s and left KOA at 6:15pm when the sun had finally cooled off. It was a climb straight out. My blisters had dried up a little but the bottoms of my feet felt raw from wearing sandals over 80 miles. We reached Hwy 14 when it was dark and had a spooky walk through the tunnel underneath. I was so glad I wasn’t on my own!

Once through the tunnel we entered an amazing canyon with boulders towering above us. It was super spooky in the dark, especially after Pac Man thought he saw a cougar. I had a feeling of anxiety and dread and made sure Pac Man didn’t get too far ahead of me in the dark. It was the longest 3 miles of my life and just as we reached the safety of the road Pac Man saw the cougar’s eyes again and an outline as it finally scampered off. I literally had chills. We arrived at the Saufley’s around 11pm after enjoying a Jagermeister and cold beer down the last one mile road stretch. We even turned down a hitch because I was so determined to make it the whole way on foot. In my next post I’ll describe what Hiker Heaven is like, I never want to leave!

2 thoughts on “22 miles to Agua Dulce

  1. Hi darling, you bombarded that stomach of yours with all that food, then you suckled like a Little Fat Piggy from the water bladder, such a behavior. The wilderness you are going through looks like a moon skape. I was so glad that you had Pac Man there with you going through that tunnel, very scarry. I was thinking ahead already when you guys have to go through Bear Land, please go together. Enjoy darling you are doing well, love Mutti xx

  2. Hi Rozanne,

    So glad that you were not dinner for a cougar. Also, that Pac Man was there. Don’t know that I would have entered the tunnel if I was alone. Your determination is amazing. Your parents must have nerves of steel – nothing but cheery comments. I hope you are taking some zero days (I’m sure your feet do too). Love the pics and videos.


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