Hiker Heaven at the Saufley’s

I’m finally off my feet after persistent advice from Pac Man who I think has been banging his head against the wall trying to make me rest. With all the things to do when you reach town it’s hard to find the time to have your feet up above your heart, but considering I’ve lost sight of my ankles completely I realised it was time.

Because we arrived in Hiker Heaven so late I missed the official tour so I brushed up on the facilities this morning discovering the laundry system, hiker clothes, foot baths and parcel service.

UB had mentioned it would be like Christmas when I arrived because there were 5 parcels waiting for me. Two were actually from me but the other three came from Dr Sole, Dirty Girl and Ladybug (Sarah). Between them I got blister care, muscle care and chocolate, everything a thru hiker could possibly desire! Thank you SO much guys!!!


Pac Man and I jumped on bikes and headed a mile down the road to the bakery. UB was there editing videos (the one I re-blogged in my previous post) so we all chilled out for a while drinking coffee and eating bakery treats. I bought some lunch food, paid my phone bill and headed back to Hiker Heaven to soak my feet for the second time and put them up in the air for as long as possible.

UB has lost about 25 pounds and Pac Man 15 so we decided to go into town for pizza dinner. There were only two bikes and after attempting to sit up on the handlebars I saw a car just waiting out front of the Saufley’s so we hitched the one mile to Big Mouth. Pac Man ordered the largest pizza on the menu (and the planet) to the surprise of all staff who said it was impossible for three people to get through it. They were right!


In a semi comatosed state we stumbled back down Darling Rd and snuggled up under the stars listening to the large group of hikers chatting around the campfire. It honesty feels like a long school camp except you’re free to do whatever you want, your only chore is to hike.

9 thoughts on “Hiker Heaven at the Saufley’s

  1. OMG that pizza is a beast! Can you dehydrate what was left? Glad you all are getting a rest and looking after the feet. Are the trail sandals working out better than the shoes at the moment? Enjoy hiker heaven while you can.

  2. Hi darling, have UB and Pac Man put on some pounds again after eating that ginormous pizza? It must be great to eat some local food, ride the bicycle and get those parcels which have goodies for your blisters and lovely chocolates from Ladybug. Amazing to see that big shed with all those boxes, people seem to be prepared for all those PCT Hikers, which is fabulous. Hope that you rest your feet and get them ready for the next miles. Love reading the blog and UB’s . Love Mutti xx

  3. Just looking at the video from UB. He’s a very talanted and interesting guy and we’re thankful you are on the trail with people like him and all the incredible angels. Hope those feet are getting better and someone else sees all the rattlesnakes. Heaps of ….

  4. Aah yes, that place is heaven – enjoy every minute!! hell stretch of desert ahead and then the mountains, yeah!!! I’ve been thinking about your feet… check out sandals called Chacos – there were 2 sisters in 2004 that did the whole trail in them… And have you tried 2 pairs of think socks? sometimes helps as they do the rubbing and not your feet.
    miss you mukmuk!!!!

    • Thanks Ladybug! The stretch to the Anderson’s was painful!!! Only just arrived! Was thinking of ordering Keen shoes online and having them shipped to Tehachapi! The sandals could be good but I got tired of all the stones getting in them and getting stuck under my feet! Miss you too, the chocolate was delicious, thank you!!! X

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