Hijacked by the Anderson’s

Pac Man and I had given up on going to the Anderson’s today as our feet had taken a beating and we had no energy to walk the extra 2 miles along the road to their place. Coincidently when we arrived at the fire station by the highway a van pulled up and Snort jumped out, picked up my pack and coaxed me into the car. Once I arrived I couldn’t understand my hesitation to go, this place was a relaxation haven and just what the doctor ordered.

It was a long tough day for Pac Man and I up until this point. Neither of us slept well even though I wasn’t mauled by a cougar and didn’t wake up with a tarantula in my sleeping bag. I had the alarm set for 4:30am but we didn’t even stir until an hour later once the sun had started to rise.

We had 7 miles until the next water cache and then another 7 to the highway. We walked the first half in the cooler part of the day and arrived at the cache by 10am. Sadly we just missed the beer left in the cooler but luckily there was still water to fill up with and deck chairs to chill out in the shade on.


We hoped to reach the highway before the heat really set in but ended up hiking right through the hottest part of the day until 2:30pm. Neither Pac Man or I were in a happy place. Pac took a big fall and was lucky not to do more damage with his huge pack crashing on top of him. It was a challenge to get him back on his feet. My feet were unhappy again and I was almost at the end of my patience with my foot issues. I had mole skin, tape, fresh socks and was airing my feet regularly and STILL they were hurting! Grrrrrrr!


Pac Man opted not to take the ride into Casa de Luna at the Anderson’s but I was so thankful I did. On arrival you receive a round of applause by all present, then I got a warm foot bath, a cocktail and a shady place to rest in the backyard with my feet up.


Despite the group of hikers playing golf frisbee in the yard over my head, using me as a penalty if I was hit, I slept like a dream. When I woke up I got onto the phone to Super Dave in Mount Laguna who I bought gear off in my first week. We talked through my foot problems and I’ve now ordered some gel soles to put in my shoes that will cushion them and hopefully solve the issues I’m having. They’ll be waiting for me in Hiker Town 40 miles down the trail!

UB was also passed out at the Anderson’s after his 24 mile push in the heat of the day after the Saufley’s. He has a few extra blisters but was in great spirits after a good rest. He introduced me to Craig (pictured above) who created the incredible software that helped me plan my resupply! Thanks Craig!


When the sun went down we felt like we were at a high school house party! There was industrial proportions of taco salad and beer to consume! Terry and Joe told us the story of how they began to host hikers and the vibe was just so chilled. I honestly had to pinch myself as some parts of this hike are so unreal they actually feel like a dream.

7 thoughts on “Hijacked by the Anderson’s

  1. Way to hang in there. Re: your knee pads/supports: do they actually support? Who makes them? Also, Craig’s planning software: how do I find it? Any good idea of why your feet are so troublesome?

  2. Hi Rozanne,

    I’m sending some sympathy for the hardship and some congratulations for the accomplishments. Sounds like a great group of hikers/helpers. Looking forward to hearing more.


  3. What wonderful hospitality you all are getting. Pity I can’t send some new feet ahead. Those gels can’t come soon enough. Must get recipe for that gorgeous taco salad. Hang in L1.

  4. Hi darling, such wonderful people Terry and Joe are. To have all you hikers at their place and spoil you all with these tasty tacos and salad. I can nearly feel the great vibe between you all by seeing the photos of all those hikers. I hope that your feet are holding out to Hiker Town. Strength for the next miles, will try to find a solution for your feet. Love you, Mutti xxoo

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