The Anderson hangover

Today after coffee and pancakes at the Anderson’s I felt a million bucks hiking to the first water cache 7 miles away. My feet felt the best they ever have on the trail which I attribute to the slower days, new shoes and constant foot soaking recently.


At the first cache we had a couple of surprises including a shirtless man riding in on a horse and two trail angels bringing us beer, chips and chocolate cupcakes.



UB and I decided to move out and start the 2,800 foot climb in the middle of the day. It was hot but nowhere as bad as yesterday. We stopped for some foot rest, mashed potatoes and sardines midday through and then continued another few miles to the next water source which was a ‘guzzler’ (basically a storm water drain) on the top of some concrete in the middle of a pine forest.



After pumping the water for at least three other hikers who only had drops for purification, we cooked dinner and then made a comfortable home on the concrete near the water drain. Maybe this is what they call ‘roughing it’.

We only went 14 miles today, one of our shortest days, and finished well before sunset. In fact we finished so early this afternoon we all sat around twiddling our thumbs, not sure exactly what to do when we’re not hiking, eating or sleeping.


5 thoughts on “The Anderson hangover

  1. I can completely relate to the not sure what to do when you aren’t hiking or doing something for hiking. Savor it while you can. Good call to take it easy on your feet. I’ve read about a number of hikers this year who have had to hitch to the local medical facility, get meds for bad infections and then rest a week or so …

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences with us all,


    • A bit of rest and foot care is definitely what the doctor ordered! Starting to feel much better and slowly getting into the groove! Thanks for continuing to follow the adventure! We’re getting closer to you 🙂

  2. …I didn’t realise there’d be so much socialising, drinking and fun…!! What happened to months of endless solitude and poo-ing in the bush?!?!
    Great to read you are still well and enjoying your amazing journey. I hope your feet are feeling better and that your spirits are still high. I wish I could post you MY feet! Or Parri’s!! They’re huge, so your trip would be WAY quicker!!!
    Best wishes, Rozi. Keep your chin up and a grin on ya face!!

    • Thanks mate, I know, who knew this would be like a school camping trip on steroids! There certainly isn’t much solitude but still plenty of poo-ing in the bush 🙂

  3. Hi darling, can’t believe those two trail angels and the shirtless man on horseback, coming out of nowhere and bringing you all those fantastic goodies, how spoiled. Good job to pump some water for other hikers. Lesser miles would have been good for those feet. You set up home on a very stable base, loved the umbrella roof. If you had a pack of playing cards you could have played some games. Soon you will get to the glow sticks, can’t wait to see them glow. We all will think about Patti, Glow in the Dark.
    Love Mutti xxoo

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