Won’t you take me to – Hiker Town

To complete the 26 miles to Hiker Town we woke up on our comfy concrete floor around 4:30am, freezing! Although flat and bug free I must remind myself not to let UB pick out sleeping surfaces from here on in. The first water source was four miles away and although we still had to pump in out of a huge concrete tank at least it looked clear compared to the yellow liquid we ingested the night before.


As UB is trying to stack the 25 pounds back on that he lost, we’ve been snacking constantly on weird and wonderful things including cliff bars smothered in peanut butter and cold chocolate powdered drink with dehydrated peanut butter powder added. Ladybug said she reached a point on the trail where you just throw everything together, well I think we’ve reached it!

We arrived at the huge milestone of 500 miles early in the day. It’s honestly hard to believe how far we’ve actually travelled and despite the feet how well the body seems to be holding up. I did however have an episode of either hyperventilation or some kind of relapse of asthma not long afterwards. We climbed one of the mountains very quickly without stopping and my poor lungs just started giving up. I think because I let the emotional fatigue set in and because I couldn’t keep up with UB I worked myself into such a state that I had to sit down and cup my hands over my mouth to get enough oxygen. Once I caught back up to UB again I was fine but it’s definitely something I’ll be paying attention to when we hit the Sierras.

UB’s feet were really troubling him today so we took a few breaks and even slept for an hour in the middle of the day. My feet are feeling better than they were but I think socks are now my biggest issue and I’m trying to determine which ones to test for the next section. Any suggestions are welcome!


The trail had a nice flat grade for most of the day, winding through some green forest areas which seemed like such a contrast to the high desert we’ve been walking through. Just when we thought it would all be downhill for the last 7.5 miles the trail took us up into the mountains again, travelling mostly through private land to get to Hiker Town.


After groans of agony over each new hill that appeared around every new corner we reached the final stretch to the highway. We could see the wind farms in the distance and know the hike to Tehachapi is going to be a windy one.


I had no idea what to expect from Hiker Town but what we discovered was something like a run down set from an old western film. Bob the manager offered us the Flower Shop while the other hikers chose between the feed store, barber shop or cowboy camping in the yard. We then got invited into the main house where the owner cooked us spaghetti and meatballs and chicken soup, then emptied all the cupboards and continued to feed us until we were ready to pass out.




16 thoughts on “Won’t you take me to – Hiker Town

  1. Hi Dirty Doll
    What is your next supply stop? I can send you socks…what shoe size? any preferences? Anything else? Please let me know what your dirty little heart desires!
    Keepin it dirty,
    dirty girl

    • Wow lady you’re quick off the mark!!! My next stop is Tehachapi, we should be there in a couple of days but will probably leave on Monday and then the next stop is Kennedy Meadows. I’m rocking a size 9 shoe at the moment, my feet have grown HUGE these last two weeks! You’re amazing Dirty Girl, if you think they’ll make it to Tehachapi by Monday let me know! I’m also burning through the moleskin you sent me, it’s saving my feet so much pain!! So much love to you xxx

      • My uber hking friends really like the darn tough merino wool socks–lifetime unconditional guarantee. Have you tried them? Or is there another sock you prefer? Or want to try? Or I should NOT get? Monday is a national holiday and the post office is not making deliveries. So there is no way to get you anything to Tehachapi by Monday….and KM is soooo far away. Can you wait that long? I’ll send more moleskin too. Anything else I can put in there for you? This is a major switch-out-your gear stop. do you have everything you need? Sweets and Treats? I will ship tomorrow so please let me know asap!

      • I just discovered the PO will be closed on Monday. We’ll leave Tehachapi Tuesday morning after we grab post! If you could throw in some crazy glue and maybe a few more second skins that would be truly amazing! I have been wanting to try out the darn tough socks as I’ve heard great things! If you think they work well without liner socks then they sound like the best option. I usually have medium length socks to cover my ankles! Dirty Girl I can’t thank you enough, you’re an angel! X

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  3. Hi darling, great achievement passing the 500 miles, horay!! Sorry to hear about your anxiety attack, keep an even pace, you will catch up in the end. Traveling alone maybe not recommended. Lucky that the hunters and shooters left you alone, they probably had a beer at the club when you went passed. Great photo of that road through the flat area. So cute that Flower Shop, Enjoy the glow in the dark hike, love Mutti xx

  4. Have u tried double layer Wright socks? I just got back from hiking for 3 weeks in UT and used Wright socks the whole time (along with Super Feet) and never had one blister.

  5. K, they’re in the mail to u–I sent them (along with some goodies) to the KM Gen’l Store…i put an ETA of 6/2/13. I hope they give you some relief from the blister situation. If u do like them, u can find them at REI.com. Let me know how they work out

    • Thank you so much!!! I had a fellow hiker raving about them yesterday coincidently! Will let you know how they go!! 🙂

  6. To UBserious,
    Hang in there. You are looking GOOD! I hope my first post sticks. I’m so sorry it took me so long to get on. Thanks for keeping me in the know. I know you called one night. The message was so scratchy and broken I didn’t get it all. But I got the drift you were appreciative. Dee : )

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