8 thoughts on “Glow in the Dark, along the PCT

  1. Hi darling, what a night to remember. I loved the ways where the glow sticks found a place, in beard, hair, on hiking sticks and backpacks. Like a colorful snake it was searching through the night sky. Like the snake on the medical logo is searching for solutions and that’s why I support medical research. Patti, “Glow in the Dark” this night hike would have lifted your spirits and knowing that all those friends/hikers want the best for you. Muk Muk I hope yours and UB’s feet are holding out for the next miles. Great work guys.
    Love Mutti xx

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  3. MukMuk-I signed up to do the Relay for Life in town. It’s a fundraiser for American Cancer Society. I am putting together a power point of my ( I hate to use this word but..) journey. I would like to use some of your pictures posted here. Would that be ok with you? I TOTALLY understand if you would prefer not to. Thanks

    • Hey Glow in the Dark that sounds awesome! Use whatever you like, happy to provide you with anything you need! Lots of love to you guys xx

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