Preparing to light up the trail

A large group of us are chilling in the front yard of Hiker Town waiting for the sun to set before we head out to light up the trail! Tonight we will carry glow sticks as a symbol of hope, courage, strength and love in honour of our fellow hiker Patti (aka Glow in the Dark), and our loved ones at home battling extreme challenges life has thrown at them.


We spent a full day at Hiker Town today resting, re-packing and recuperating. UB received a host of packages including additional glow sticks and food and now has a pack weight that rivals Pac Man!


A lot of hikers caught up with us today including Pac Man and the buzz here is one of excitement for our first organised group hike throughout the night. The trail leads down the aqueduct for a significant distance so the effect of the glow sticks will be magical.

I was super excited to receive my new gel insoles tonight from Dave in Mount Laguna and have for the first time intentionally superglued moleskin to my feet to keep it on for as long as possible, as per Dr Sole’s recommendation.


Shout out to Patti, we’ll be thinking of you all the way and sending you strength and love from the trail tonight!




4 thoughts on “Preparing to light up the trail

  1. To each of you out there tonight, and to all of you who have shown so much support and friendship, we thank you all. We will be traveling with you in spirit tonight and onward just as we have all along. Much love and safe travels. May you all Glow in the Dark!

  2. Careful with that superglue kiddo or you may never be able to get your shoes off again!! Seems like a drastic move.

    Best wishes and support for you all lighting up the trail in celebration of Glow in the Dark. I hope you can get some media attention to this as she/this is a beautiful story.

  3. Hi darling, there must be such a vibe and excitement in Hikers Town, Each of you walking there along the aqueduct with the glow sticks, shouting out and let your emotions free. All this for you Patti “Glow in the Dark” and people in similar situations as you. To give you strength and courage Patti and all those hiker friends wish you this, by doing this glow in the dark hike. UB such a fantastic idea and courage from you also to make it come true, with support of friends and hikers. It will look great from above. May your feet be okay and I hope that you haven’t glued every thing together. Loved the photos of the town, just like a movie set. Have a beautiful hike, Love Mutti xx

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